Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Use the iPhone 4 Solar Charger

Solar energy is an inexhaustible, clean and efficient power source. For decades, it has been proposed that solar energy be used as this planet’s primary energy resource. And now, that notion takes another little step forward. With the popularity of portable electric gizmos like the iPhone, and its predecessor the iPhone 4 and 4S, there came this certain need to find an effective and inexpensive way to recharge its very limited battery life. There are many things that could make you rile on your iPhone 4, and one is if it dies on you on the moment you really need it. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through that annoyance again with the iPhone 4 solarcharger.

Despite the name, the iPhone 4 solar charger is not made exclusively for the newer model, when you have the older ones; the charger is still very much compatible with them.  Obviously, the charger is powered by the sun’s energy and relays electricity to your beloved iPhone 4. One thing to note about the iPhone 4 solar charger is that, it’s not a charger in the ordinary sense, it looks and functions like an iPhone case only with a LED indicators to show how much energy is being stored and solar panels that collects solar energy. Some manufacturers have already produce chargers with some very wacky designs, some you couldn’t recognize as iPhone 4 solar chargers at all.

There is this one from Solio’s Solar Charger that has a unique distinction among other iPhone 4 solar chargers. It opens up like a fan, but it looks like a windmill when fully unfastened on all sides. It can charge up a 1650 mAh battery in 9 hours, translating into over 10 hours of additional talk time, not including the backup supply collected while you’re strolling down the park. The iPhone 4 solar charger can continuously gather energy as long as there is the sun to provide it, just make sure you don’t overcharge your iPhone 4 or it would get damaged.

All in all, the iPhone 4 solar charger is a very novel yet ingenious idea for iPhone 4 owners everywhere. Now they can get the best out of their respective gadgets without the need to worry about running out of juice in the middle of their affairs. This one little step of solar energy may be the key to further developments in the future of portable electronic devices. Let’s just hope that the companies involved can make it all happen.

Monday, October 15, 2012

For those with a Green Thumb: the Solar iPhone Charger

The iphone is undeniably one of the pinnacles of modern day technology at present. Utilizing a healthy slew of cutting edge design and hi-tech equipment, it became a sort of "phone of all trades". And who could argue? A light, portable device that could surf the web, play games and video and music, organize your work schedule and much more, what else do you need for a hassle free life? Well, despite setting the standard for smart phones everywhere, the iPhone still suffers from the same recalcitrant problem as any portable gadgets today; limited battery life. While many people tend to disregard this as a minor flaw, wouldn’t it be nice if we can play, surf and work with our iPhones without the fear of suddenly running out of juice in a very untimely moment? Luckily, we have an answer for that: the solar iPhone charger.

The solar iPhone charger is technically an iPhone case with a built in solar panels. As the name suggest it gathers energy from the sun to power up your iPhone. It can also store energy as backup supply in case the energy collected is inadequate. The solar iPhone charger can charge your iPhone as long as necessary, provided that there is a sun to continuously supply energy to refill it. But if you find yourself, in a dire need of recharging your battery at night, better stick to the USB cable. Other than that, it's a piece of equipment recommended for travelers and adventurers alike.

There are other innovative features for the solar iPhone charger including a durable and lightweight design that doubles it up as a stylish carrying case while also enabling you to charge your iPhone while you’re running, walking, jumping, or biking. No swimming of course, we all know what would happen if we try that. Other features to be noted are the LED status indicators, to prevent overcharging, an ergonomic design with a non slip finish and several ports that enables you to fully use all the functions of the iPhone without needing take it out from the solar iPhone charger case.

More importantly, it's a clean and efficient way to energize the iPhone for free. Needless to say, the only problem here is if you need to recharge at night or on a rainy day as we mentioned earlier. Otherwise, this is some sweet piece of technology that even Mother Nature would approve, whether or not she has an iPhone of her own.

PS: With selling of iPhone 5, the new iPhone 5 solar charger is coming soon.