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Tencent exposes employees of death benefits families of half pay for ten years

Recently, Tencent salary and Welfare Assistant General Manager Fang Huiling, Tencent's human resources Director said in an interview with the media, and as Google, Tencent has a similar employee within the company "death benefits".

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It is understood that the families can get the original wage employees of Tencent employees passed away ten years on half pay. If the employee has children, each additional child amount will be added, each child 12 additional monthly salary. Part time pay, because when families needed money; others, Tencent will be processed through trust companies.

Tencent exposes employees of

People in the industry to the global network of science and technology said, from old Chinese traditional taboos may offend some people, but gradually in the improvement of employee benefits, which is the landmark of the big things.

Tencent launched the "death benefit", user talk, and said, "really is the industry's conscience, no loss was China's biggest Internet companies," "people, and a duty not to finish, such a move is a relatively popular", "look at others and see for yourself."

In August 2012, Google launched the "death benefit"-Google employees due to accidental death, the spouse can continue to receive the employee died the death within 10 years 50% salary. In addition, employees immediately after the death of their stock belonging to their own deaths employees ' children will receive $ 1000 per person per month until the age of 19, for full-time students is 23 years old, and "death benefits" lack years of staff requirements. Michael Kors Case for iPad Michael Kors iPad Case

Source: NetEase

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Please note buy this Cup you buy a wife

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Tired of seeing consumer drones we come to appreciate the real drone

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) by the writer Feng Yukun, Shenzhen Chang Feng information technology company co-founder.

Over the years, drone has drawn a lot of attention in recent years in the battle against terrorism, armed conflict, war, unmanned weapons can be said to be a dark horse equipment, quickly became popular, but also with its current development trends, seems to be out of control.

UAVs as a new thing, trying to understand it first to find out what drones into what is the best source of the war, most prominent characteristic is, in one of the most straightforward terms, is the kind of drone is a good drone. Unmanned aerial vehicles are not toys and models.

First of all we know about the world's top ten drones, that is the real drone! Is not a big field, zero, million air, howsen, millet, and so on.

NO.1 RQ-4A Global Hawk UAV

Tired of seeing consumer drones, we come to appreciate the real drone

RQ-4A Global Hawk UAV 

RQ-4A Global Hawk UAV flights in the world's longest and the farthest, highest drone. Is also the first to be United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification, in the United States drone aircraft airspace. In addition to domestic airspace, "Global Hawk" unmanned aerial vehicles are also licensed in Australia, and Portugal, and Spain, Scotland, Denmark, and Canada, and Mexico, and Costa Rica, and Honduras, and Venezuela and Ecuador international airspace flight.

Origin of the name

"R" at the beginning is the name of the United States Department of Defense named "reconnaissance and collect" (reconnaissance), the first letter "Q" means unmanned; "4" refers to the drone program fourth works. "A" or "b" are two modified versions of other warplanes have ABCD, and F-16.

Performance parameter

RQ-4A global Eagle no machine crew: 0 name, length: 13.5m (44 ft 5 in), wing exhibition: 35.4m (116 ft 2 in), height: 4.6 m (15 ft 2 in), wing area: m ² (FT ²), empty heavy: 3,850 kg (8,490 lb), load: 10,400 kg (22,900 lb), engine: 1xAE3007H Turbo fan leaves engine, 31.4Kn (7,050lbf), Performance top speed: 650 km/h (404 MP/h), range: 36 (hours), service ceiling: 20,000 m (65,000 ft).

NO.2 X-47B UAV

Tired of seeing consumer drones, we come to appreciate the real drone

X-47B is an experimental unmanned combat aircraft (UCAV), organized by the United States Defense company Northrop Grumman to develop. X-47 J-UCAS plan began with the Defense Advanced research projects Agency, is now the United States Navy aimed at development of shipborne UAV UCAS-D part of the plan. X-47B in flight in 2011, and in 2013, has successfully completed a series of ground and carrier testing.

Basic parameters

Crew: no occupant (semi-detached), 11.63-meter length, wingspan of 18.92 meters, collapsed 9.4 meters, a height of 3.10 meters, 6,350 kilograms, maximum takeoff weight of 20,215 kg, power 1x Whitney F100-220U turbofan engine range of 3,889 kilometers.

NO.3 second generation "Falcon" Hypersonic vehicles

Tired of seeing consumer drones, we come to appreciate the real drone

Second generation Falcon Hypersonic (Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2,HTV-2), capable of carrying 5 tons of supplies, with more than 5 times the speed of sound speed can be reached in 2 hours anywhere in the world. Has been eager to have a faster Hypersonic aircraft, to replace the extended service SR-71 "Blackbird" supersonic reconnaissance aircraft. HTV-2 load capacity of 5 tons, is now the fastest-flying aircraft. The black wedge-shaped aircraft can fly nearly 17,000 kilometers in 2 hours, equivalent to half of the Earth's circumference, and intercontinental missile with a range between 15000 km and 5500 km.

NO.4 United Kingdom "God of Thunder" drones

Tired of seeing consumer drones, we come to appreciate the real drone

United Kingdom God of Thunder drones as the first prototype of the high-tech stealth drone, the drone's name comes from the mythical figure of "God of Thunder" is a United Kingdom Ministry of defence and the product of the industry. United Kingdom BAE Systems, Qinetiq company, Rolls-Royce and GE Aviation took 4 years of joint research, prototype cost £ 143 million (about 1.46 billion yuan). Spent yibaiduowange hours in 2011, the flight test.

NO.5 France "neurons" stealth drone

Tired of seeing consumer drones, we come to appreciate the real drone

European ucav "neurons" by France lead, Sweden, and Italy, and Spain, and Switzerland and Greece involved. In case of not accepting any instructions to complete the flight, and self-correction in the sophisticated flight environment, in addition to flying faster than all existing reconnaissance aircraft in theatre. In November 2012, the neuron unmanned aerial vehicles in France Istres air base flight. France Ministry of defence says it has created a new generation fighters era. UAV payloads of more than 1 ton of neurons using 1 "Adoul" (Adour) engines, flight speed of about Mach 0.8, over 3 hours battery life, long voyages far, hangtime and other basic features. The machine has low detectability, flying wings, extensive use of composite materials, with 2 internal weapons Bay, carrying data relay device, and the radar equipment 1. First flight technology demonstrator is scheduled for early 2011, 2012 when the first fire test (probably throws 1 guided bomb). Plan as a whole to conduct about 100 flights and 2 fire tests. From performance point of view, "neurons" drones mainly has the following four features:

1, stealth performance highlights.

2, high intelligence.

3, the attack method.

4, high benefit-cost ratio.

NO.6 Predator drones

Tired of seeing consumer drones, we come to appreciate the real drone

MQ-1 Predator (Predator) is United States Air Force describes as "medium altitude, long time" (MALE) UAV system. It can play a reconnaissance role, but fired two AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. It is a RC aircraft, Captain of 8.27 metres, 14.87 meters wingspan, maximum active 3700 km radius, maximum flying speed of 240 km, target blank time over 24 hours, maximum battery life 60 hours. The machine is equipped with electro-optical infrared reconnaissance equipment, GPS navigation equipment and has a synthetic aperture radar reconnaissance capability, 4000 m height resolution of 0.3 meters, on target location precision 0.25 meters. Soft landing or parachute emergency recovery can be used. Fossil iPhone case

NO.7 RQ-7 shadow UAV

Tired of seeing consumer drones, we come to appreciate the real drone

RQ-7 "shadow" drone is a small, lightweight tactical unmanned aerial vehicle system. In August 2006, the United States Army aviation and missile command awarded United States industrial company of AAI Corporation a contract valued at $ 11.7 million, requiring the company to United States Army front line RQ-7B "shadow" 200 tactical unmanned aircraft (by AAI Corporation), integrating a new advanced tactical common data link equipment, and is responsible for its presentation. Since 2003, the "shadow" 200 tactical UAV "Iraq freedom wars", to the United States and allied forces provided combat soldiers to help. The tactical common data link with real-time connectivity, and supports a wide array of somebody or nobody intelligent systems, surveillance systems and the interoperability of surveillance systems, helps to collect intelligence information, greatly improve situational awareness, Force Commander, according to the current situation, formulate more accurate and rapid military action.

In July 2007, the AAI companies has begun training United States Marine Corps personnel flying and maintaining "shadow" tactical unmanned aircraft systems (TUAS), for the army later this year dress up as "shadow" surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering system in preparation. The Marine Corps has decided to retire its "Vanguard" unmanned aircraft systems, the UAV system has to support it on the ground for more than 20 years, including "Iraq freedom" important action in action. In 1999, the United States Army selected AAI Corporation for its tactical unmanned aircraft systems-"shadow" 200 main-contractor, the army named the machine is RQ-7B. United States Army, the Navy and the Marine Corps has launched a joint acquisition strategy, to promote the efficiency of existing contracts and procurement, as well as lower life-cycle cost of ownership.

NO.8 Harpy

Tired of seeing consumer drones, we come to appreciate the real drone

The Harpy (IAI Harpy) is Israel the Israel Aerospace industries (IAI) in development in the 1990 of the 20th century, can be launched from a truck, the radar system can be independently attack drone. Harpy is designed to attack radar systems. Harpy is equipped with radar sensors and a bomb, received when the enemy radar detection, will be free to attack the radar, known as "air sirens" and "radar the killers." Banshee Harpy named Eagle (Harpy).

NO.9 the Heron UAV

Tired of seeing consumer drones, we come to appreciate the real drone

"The Heron" is mainly used for real-time surveillance, electronic surveillance and interference, communication relay and maritime patrol missions. It can carry electro-optical/infrared radar and other surveillance equipment for search, control and identification, electronic warfare and naval warfare. In civilian areas but also for geological surveys, environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, and so on.

Parameter size-specific data:

A wingspan of 16.6 metres, Captain of 8.5 meters, 2.3 meters high. Weight: the weight of 1100 kilograms, mission equipment weighing 250 kilograms, weighing 400 kilograms of fuel.

Performance data:

Maximum level flight speed of 240-kilometer km/h, service ceiling 10668 m, with a range of 250 km, around 50 hours of battery life time. "The Heron" is Israel aircraft industries of malate subsidiary developed the strategy of large high long endurance UAV. The machine is mainly used for real-time surveillance, electronic surveillance and interference, communication relay and maritime patrol missions. It can carry electro-optical/infrared radar and other surveillance equipment for search, control and identification, electronic warfare and naval warfare. In civilian areas but also for geological surveys, environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, and so on.

Power unit with a four-stroke piston engine, rated at 74.6 kW. "The Heron" 7620 meters height, patrol in 150-kilometer/hour, its battery life for 36 hours, patrolling the 4570 m altitude, battery life for 52 hours. Real-time data transmission distance in a relay of up to 1000-kilometer. Its large cabin according to different tasks need to change equipment. The machine is equipped with a large radar can simultaneously track 32 goals. Using a wheel-type takeoffs and landings, flight will be prepared in advance of the program.

"Heron" was at the 1995 Paris air show and exhibited at the Farnborough air show in 1996. Development of the machine for 10 months, first flew in October 1994 and the end of 1996.

NO.10 RQ-8 fire Scout UAV

Tired of seeing consumer drones, we come to appreciate the real drone

Nuosipuluo-Grumman RQ-8A "fire Scout" drone is the United States nuosiluopu·gelumen's Ryan aeronautical Center, for United States Navy developed the next generation of ship-borne vertical take off and landing tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (VTUAV), used to perform reconnaissance and targeting missions, the army numbered RQ-8A.

The mechanical parts of the machine using the Schweitzer 333 helicopters for civilian use of mature technologies. 

Seat number: no driving, fuselage length: 6.97 meters (22 feet 10 inches), wing exhibition: 8.38 meters (27 feet 6 inches), fuselage height: 2.87 meters (9 feet 5 inches), empty load volume: 661 kilograms (1457 pounds), maximum took off weight: 1157 kilograms (2650 pounds), maximum speed: 213-kilometer/hours (144 miles/hours), maximum voyage: continued sailing three hours, power plant: alixun/ ROM-ROM 250-C20W engine, engine output: 333-kilowatt (420 SHP), first flew on May 19, 2002.

What kind of drone is a good drone?

Answer the question, first from the drone war and combat to see its initial performance. UAV is no stranger to the Chinese army, adversarial combat of world's first unmanned, actually took place in the United States and China.

The mid 60, about 64 to 66 and, when the Chinese air force has a very distinctive set of operations, that is, counter-UAV. At that time is the time into the peak of the Vietnam war, United States movements in China's interest, you need to obtain China in military and other areas, also need surveillance. Technical areas for American troops, their most directly the equipment available was aerial reconnaissance.

However, at the time wanted to enter China's airspace for aerial reconnaissance is not so easy. Because from 50 generation began, China army has been in with United States and us of various air reconnaissance aircraft do struggle, everyone impression is deep of including playing RB57, playing U2, so at pendulum in United States before has a problem: was reconnaissance into to China airspace, I'm afraid hard finished full whole to back, may was shot down has led to pilots death, or pilots fell to China hand in, United States will bear political risk, and diplomatic risk, and and domestic of some problem. At that time, the Americans are thought to use unmanned aerial vehicles to detect, the Americans used fire bee high altitude reconnaissance UAV, unmanned bomber and transport aircraft in the Air launch, its altitude to 17000 and 20000 meter, and it can be such a reconnaissance mission.

This poses a problem for Chinese troops because the 17000 and 20000 m, the height is the ultimate altitude when a Chinese fighter jet, and at such a height of flight, to knock down unmanned aerial vehicle will undoubtedly be difficult. Dang United States unmanned reconnaissance plane entered China's airspace at an altitude of when China started using f-6 block, but the original operation is not smooth, because f-6 Service ceiling reached limit when 17000 meter, has been difficult to lock and attack targets, and f-6 in a height can not stay for a long time. There was a pilot, fired 3 times in a row, all polished shells, still lay the drone. Even the pilots wanted to hit it down, unfortunately, in the process of climbing, impact, the aircraft entered a spiral, resulting in a crash of the results.

Can said, China army is a is has creative of army, after forces and research units series efforts zhihou, found has a basic of approach: increased engine thrust, to high rushed, rushed to a height, close to no machine tail 300 to 400 meters of such of a distance, combat of opportunities quite short, may only more than 10 seconds, up dozens of seconds, but caught this Flash that died of opportunities, on can effective of shot down no machine.

After a series of trial and training, we laid the United States fires bee drone. And with this tactical master more and more skilled, bee was shot down after another fire on the ground in China. This can be said, is human history of unmanned combat and is also the largest gains of the first combat. Until 1966, with the changes in international relations, United States eventually stop using unmanned aerial surveillance of China. Talk about early history combat drones, another impressed everyone should be the Middle East's Bekaa Valley war, World War I, leading into Israel and Syria. The Bekaa Valley is one of the local strategic Syria deployed in the Bekaa Valley has a considerable amount of air defense weapons, including once at the Fourth Middle East war play hehe Wal-Sam-6 missiles, and deploy extremely dense.

Israel's air force, it should be said to be a nightmare, in the Fourth Middle East war, when Israel's air force had in Egypt before the Sam-6 missiles of heavy losses.  Now Israel facing this problem again, to win the Bekaa Valley, to break Syria's air defense network in the region, must work out countermeasures to overcome Sam-6 missiles, Israel eventually think is the drone. At that time, Israel primarily using Scout UAV. FOSSIL iPhone 5

One day, Syria air defense radars detected the target into the Bekaa Valley after a boot immediately manipulate fire control radar and fired Sam-6 missiles, the target was shot down, a small unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down. However, in the course of Israel through electronic surveillance equipment on the drones, have each other's fire-control radar operating frequency and feature complete was acquired, that is such a process, get the Sam-6 missiles and Syria radio characteristics of air defense systems. Then, Israel according to these electronic reconnaissance and intelligence, has developed appropriate measures, using a powerful electronic interference and repression, destroy the Sam-6 missile positions in the Bekaa Valley.

Or a fight, gave people a fairly deep and impressive record, entire air war, was said to be more than 100:0 of loss ratio. At that time, the drones really attracted the attention of countries around the world. Above the two unmanned combat history makes us understand that first UAV is what the context of war and battle. Two battles, have one thing in common, is the traditional way of manned aircraft, were unable to overcome the obstacles faced by, there are casualties, losses, because they face the intense anti-aircraft fire, high risk, unmanned aerial vehicle played a role. Secondly, especially from China and the process of fire fighting bee drone can be found, although bee drone shot down a number of fire, but have not been able to prevent the United States use of reconnaissance aircraft to China, when changes in the international situation, international relations, United States did not stop the surveillance operations.

Drone war of origin to two points: one is in a high risk environment manned aircraft cannot afford to work under. One loss does not matter, or even to use drones as a consumable. Today's UAVs, especially on the huge drones, have advanced technology. Stealth, speed and high altitude long endurance, for example, actually when we focus on those words, don't overlook the drones on the other hand.

If you ask "what kind of drone is a good drone? "Can answer in three sentences: one is made up, and the other is affordable, third is to afford to lose. In fact in the history of aerial combat, air vehicle has been faced with a difficult problem, is how each other survive under anti-aircraft fire, the penetration. Aviation technology development process we had a lot of idea, originally of existence and penetration of high speed to address this problem, such as the U2 reconnaissance aircraft, the SR71 Blackbird.

But then found in the actual combat, high speed or a good solution to this problem, because air defense weapons and defense technology development, high speed as follows. There ideas of three generations, the very low altitude penetration coupled with electronic interference, through the very low altitude penetration using the blind area of radar to achieve penetration and strong electrical interference, in the midst of some of the war, it achieved good results.

Whether it be war in the Middle East or the United States that year attacked Libya combat, are the typical pattern, but the very low altitude penetration and electronic interference, still cannot guarantee absolute security for aircraft and pilots.

A stage further, United States the way is invisible, that's four generations of technology, but stealth is not able to solve the problem. The Kosovo war, shot down by Yugoslav F117, we find the original stealth machine will not fully solve the problem. Meanwhile, from high up in high speed, low altitude electronic jamming or stealth of a development process brings a terrible byproduct is made increasingly expensive modern fighter, when it comes to four generations, there has been a general feeling that can't afford it, can't afford to buy. Most typical of the United States of B-2, only stealth strategic bombers in the world, but even as backers of the United States, created after 20 hours and, ultimately, cannot afford to play.

FOSSIL iPhone 5

Drones provided us is actually another idea: to lose.

First, because no one loss does not bring in injury and personnel were taken prisoner. Second, the UAV low cost, from the perspective of loss, loss, control costs, and can even be used as an expendable use of drones, which features in the initial fighting, sparking both battle of the bees or the Bekaa Valley have been reflected most vividly.

So, if you ask "what kind of drone is a good drone? "Good drone first to build up, affordable, more important is to afford to lose. Today the development of UAVs has appeared on many of the big technology, can by no means solve the many technical problems that cannot be solved.

But UAV development, the key is still to hold on to the three points: making affordable, affordable, can afford to lose.

Also don't take toys and models for drone! They can't compete with the real drone!

Millet bracelet

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Millet bracelet

Bracelet with millet millet's latest wearable device, with intelligent features such as alarm clock sleep monitoring.

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Microsoft game console Xbox One s the starting price of 299

Microsoft game console Xbox One s: the starting price of $ 299

Beijing on June 14 morning news, Microsoft's new Xbox One host has been confirmed. The new hostname for the Xbox One s, will be introduced this summer, prices start at $ 299, consistent with the current Xbox One.

New Xbox One s is smaller than the current product 40%, 4K video playback support, and 4K Blu-ray disc, while supporting the handle material and wireless distance an optimization. This host is equipped with a 2TB hard drive, volume is the Xbox One twice, and HDR technology, which brings more rich colors in the video and game, as well as higher purity black. iPhone 5 Disney case

Power supply is integrated into the new host, this is similar to the Sony PS4. Therefore, users do not have to consider how to place a great deal of power modules, makes home entertainment centers more attractive. In addition, the host also has a built-in infrared light Enhancer.

Is worth noting that, although the new Xbox 4K video playback support, but does not support the 4K game. Current Xbox One support 1080p resolution, but low resolution of most games render.

According to The Verge of the reports, the new host also removed a feature in the Xbox One: no longer has a dedicated interface for Kinect controller. At present, the new host built-in infrared intensifier and help you control your home entertainment center, and if you want to connect Kinect, you can use the optional USB adapter. Starting from 2014, Microsoft stopped bundling in the Xbox Kinect.

iPhone 5 Disney case

Cortana speech aides will visit the Xbox this summer. Future users can use the headset to Cortana, instead of using the Kinect. iPhone 5 Disney case

In addition, The Verge reported that the starting price of $ 299 only 500GB version, 1TB price of $ 350, while the 2TB price of US $ 399. The most expensive version will be issued first.

Source: SINA

ORICO CTA1 Type-c USB3.0 adapter

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ORICO CTA1 Type-c USB3.0 adapter

ORICO CTA1 Type-c USB3.0 adapter, OTG function Type-C two-sided plug 5Gbps transmission aluminium alloy shell

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Cinamatic looking for 15s happy

Cinamatic Hipstamatic is a veteran photography works, is a filmed short video filter effects applied. (US shout brother) is the so-called tiger father on a tradition, Hipstamatic filters always good, its documents, how cool would it? Weekday $ 0.99 price perhaps Free party in thirst. Just caught up with iTunes week activities, today we'll chop herein to find out.

  Vans sole

Cinamatic interface is friendly, clean and simple, no advertising and no push, not even a set. Font slender beauty, applications do not have the same perpetual yahei feel ugly. If it's not iOS platform constraints, perhaps Cinamatic look forward to unification of all fonts. Sure enough, the artist's pursuit of beauty is so similar ... ...

Cinamatic: looking for 15s happy!


Video can be recorded, a minimum of 3 seconds to a maximum of 15 seconds, support front camera with Flash. In addition to the record button, click on the screen also allows recording, very human choices, took care of the author of this is not for people (in fact, is obsessive compulsive disorder). Schedule is very beautiful! Excessive blue and Red bands echo a LOGO, set off the iOS7, really nice! Without that silly video node segmentation, with levels of excess to capture user, smart move!

Cinamatic: looking for 15s happy!


7 filter by default, with two square bars arranged interactively, simple and full of impact, allowing users to receive more details about filters, humanity than the same slide clear, both to avoid the fatigue but also with other App boundaries.

Left right sides are the mediation in color, depth of filter effects, background music. Left adjust contrast, color saturation, brightness, three options, with the right background music add is a Pro version of the feature, you need to pay a fee to open (brother, your normal version 0.99, Pro or plus 1.99, sold 3 times you face it? )。

Add background music interface with album art, song title, album name, with the sound waveform, is indeed very good. When finally completed, Cinamatic will call location information, time, user-added description, be uploaded to Vine, Instagram, Facebook, three in any social networking platform. Of course, you can also send friends choose to save.

Cinamatic: looking for 15s happy!


Being the Hipstamatic, presentable if only 7 types of filters? It is clear that this is not scientific, see the filter did not come more and more beautiful. Filters can purchase a total of 8, two sets of filters and WALT told TOSHIRO free (don't know a timed or permanent). $ 0.99 each, if you feel you can also choose the 1.99/3.99 package. (Don't chop hands every day, go buy it! ) Vans iPhone

Pro is also very much, add music, shear clips, filters, importing albums video, packaged together for $ 1.99. (Shear filter can work half a professional, but import the stuff that can be classified as advanced features? A little cheat. )

Cinamatic: looking for 15s happy! Cinamatic: looking for 15s happy!


Cinamatic is foreign beauty, nice interface and interaction of human nature, while banner of the Pro money pit, but also very consistent with the thinking of foreigners, filter effects if you like it, you can start buying. Perhaps you will find a full set for $ 10 for the iOS software is too expensive, I think you spend more than more than 60 bucks is not a simple App, but happy in 15 seconds. Life is not how many years, but there are thousands of 15 seconds. Perhaps today the 15 seconds of happiness in your head always down, lingering ... ...

HTC One M8

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HTC One M8

HTC One (M8) is Taiwan mobile phone company HTC 2014 development of next-generation smartphones, belonging to the HTC advanced flagship models in One series, on March 25, 2014 by HTC Chairman Cher Wang and Peter Chou, Chief Executive of London and United States synchronized New York published. Powered by Android 4.4.2 operating system, HTC Sense6 user interface. Duo twin lens cameras provides photo back focus function.

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Vans iPhone

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Enhanced side screen Galaxy name S7 Edge to determine

Samsung in their developer website was updated based on the TouchWiz Android 6.0 added side screen enhancements, leaked on February 21 which will publish flagship Galaxy S7 Edge name. This also shows the Samsung as before, still will get two flagship policy. Just Cavalli iPad Mini Case

Just Cavalli iPad mini

Enhanced side-screen Galaxy name S7 Edge to determine

New Samsung can be seen in the new side-screen functionality in addition to the familiar S6 Edge and S6 edge+ there also did not publish flagship S7 Edge (the original page has been deleted, presumably temporary), which also confirm fact appears in two imperial policy. As can be seen from the introduced three new systems of mobile, curved side panel with three models, including a side-screen display content more plug-ins than ever before, but larger, user-friendly operation.

Enhanced side-screen Galaxy name S7 Edge to determine

This multi-purpose side screen our Galaxy Android 6.0 S6 experience on the Edge, new side screen tool has a lot of improvements in the system, a large increase in the area of the toolbar, making it easier to touch, supporting the application set two and added compass, rapid scales, flashlights and other tools.

Enhanced side-screen Galaxy name S7 Edge to determine

In addition to the more feature-rich, Panel can also select transparency, font size.


Enhanced side-screen Galaxy name S7 Edge to determine

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~

Galaxy S6 edge+

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Galaxy S6 edge+

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Friday, June 3, 2016

As product manager how to understand the functional boundaries of the product

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest): the authors _ Simon voidwalker. GUCCI iPhone

GUCCI iPhone

As product manager, how to understand the functional boundaries of the product?

At work a while ago, encountered such a discussion. Here's the deal:

We want to develop an activity (activity display), after clicking the coupons will receive a coupon; after receiving success, to send text messages to the user.

Points for discussion or send text messages. Events and coupons are two different product features, text message must be send message notification, then who is going to trigger this message, or text should be the active end is at the coupon end?

One Member thought that is sends the coupon, thinking is this: success of the coupon to receive coupons and information about, such as amounts, restrictions are imposed on the coupon ends and after receiving successful, call the message notification is fairing. Other colleagues have recognized this way. Flow charts are as follows:

As product manager, how to understand the functional boundaries of the product?

But my point is: sending text messages is called the active end, rather than the coupon ends, flowcharts are as follows:

As product manager, how to understand the functional boundaries of the product?

I will elaborate on my point of view:

On this issue, a core point is that coupons and correspond to the activity. In my opinion, coupons and events should be many to one relationship, that is, an activity coupon will be sent.

As product manager, how to understand the functional boundaries of the product?

Drop activities, sent a bunch of coupons to users, to cover such as a taxi, car, car and other businesses, a variety of prices, is a typical coupon corresponding to a form of activity. GUCCI iPhone 6 Case

Assuming the text on coupon-side, in coupon to receive success, will send SMS, that if one can receive more than one ticket, there will be users receive multiple messages, and SMS costs on both sides consider the user experience as a whole is not appropriate.

And send the message to the active side, it would be better to avoid this problem, when the vouchers received after the success of, unity sends a message to the user, while SMS can also customize based on your activities, whether it is the cost of SMS is also considered in the context of the user experience, is the most appropriate choice.

Using this example, I would like to bring out such a concept: the functional boundaries of the product.

In the product, each feature should not be unlimited expansion, but its boundaries and limits, determine functional boundaries and limits of the property is the function itself to decide.

So far as the above example, coupon, is to restrict the amount and save his own property. Restriction is a limitation of use, such as drops of travel vouchers, only ride limousine service, used for payment.

Depending on the business scene, restrictions are many, such as platform limitations, operational constraints, time, amount, and so on.

Discount amount is deductible in use or discount amount. Generally have a fixed amount or a fixed amount. A fixed amount is when you create a coupon, will set the amount of reduction vouchers over 1000 minus 100 Yuan, or preferential coupon amount is 100 Yuan.

There is no fixed amount, such as 70 percent coupon, does not establish that specific amounts, but according to the limited and specific use, for sure.

For activities, and activities of their own property is displayed and promoted. Show main is an activity of the present form, include additional information such as product. Promotion is such as banknote, sharing and so on.

From the SMS, should belong to the extension part of the activities, it should be sent from the active side.

So, according to the product's functional boundaries to design products, what good is it?

From a product perspective, the function should be independent and modular products is based on the business and user experience, on a different page, splicing different function modules, so as to achieve the maximization of product experience, while keeping the flexibility and scalability of the product properties.

I often cite such examples: product features like Lego blocks of independent building blocks, and the product is through a combination of different building blocks, based on business needs and product manager of ingenious thought, spell out the model. Building blocks with simple building blocks fit together just before the snap. Once a block there is a problem or needs to be adjusted, only has to block and can be connected with it.

Through with products of function border, to design function, from products pyramid minimum end of small function points little to design, to later function block, and function, and page, and whole products, seems is a full of overall, actually inside and independent with greatly small of individual, through individual and individual Zhijian of independent and close tie, to reached overall of tie, undoubtedly this is most perfect of situation.

If the split function in accordance with the functional boundaries of thinking and integration, you will find that when you do another product, you may only need to rearrange the modules, can be realized. A demand to the side, you can accurately analyze the involved functions and sphere of influence, so as to more easily deal with demands for better product iterations.

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Apple TV (third generation)

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