Saturday, July 30, 2016

Low prices HP N54L Japanese Yen 16480

Low prices: HP N54L Japanese Yen 16480

HP N54L HP launched a NAS, that is, storage solution, but due to X86 performance and upgrade and expand the space, so many high play into a HTPC. N54L hardware configuration is CPU-AMD Turion II, respectively to 2.2GHz, integrated video HD4200, boards for nonstandard ITX. After the player hand will usually memory plus, plus a half-height graphics, HTPC or small game is also good as the living room.

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HP N54L the current historically low price 16480 yen, about 1000 Yuan or so, water 2000 Yuan in Taobao. HP N54L weight size large hands is taxed is around 1600, there is a price advantage.

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Low prices: HP N54L Japanese Yen 16480

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wear the Oculus Rift first person experience the large Hadron Collider

Wear the Oculus Rift, first-person experience the large Hadron Collider

European Center for particle physics of the large Hadron Collider will certainly open up a new perspective for our understanding of the universe. 2013 Nobel Physics Prize to Higgs and fulangsuowa·engele, in recognition of their Higgs bosons (also known as the "God particle") are forecast, and it is in a particle collider, scientists discovered the "God particle". Now, through head-mounted virtual reality equipment Oculus Rift Leap Motion and motion-sensing devices, through the Collider, people will be able to first person experience the 6.4 billion-dollar behemoth. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone case Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

Users wear the Oculus Rift once opened my eyes, you will find that they are "out" to Collider synchrotron ring, here is where scientists have observed particle collisions. Of course, not true in the Collider. In the virtual model, the human hand consists of five lines with the Beck logo, slight movement can be reset in front of the virtual world, as if into a giant Kaleidoscope.


Wear the Oculus Rift, first-person experience the large Hadron Collider

Collider designer Eddie Lee had been the "God particle," reverence "Collider when it was built a few years ago, I was deeply moved by this pure beauty. His huge body, perfect symmetry, vanishing extension, this is victory of architecture and engineering, it was built for the science, but with this amazing stately beauty. "

Oculus Rift Leap and Motion together to create the project, inspired by science, but from an aesthetic perspective, the changing array of choices is the most hauntingly: permutations and combinations of the sense of science fiction, strange color, graphical modeling, there are 60 's psychedelic music. Creative arts games Rez and Electroplankton were involved in Visual design, Japan famous DJ Chi long light has taken music composition.

Wear the Oculus Rift, first-person experience the large Hadron Collider

User experience yet to be reclaimed Virgin

Behind the Collider complex interface, user interaction design projects. In addition to the reference to "rail shooter" (Rail Shooter) players can only along the channel, change the view design, this time Lee for the Collider also joined the simulation player manual element. "In terms of user experience design, 3D is also a piece of land that is not settled. We as developers are very excited, because we are the decisions of the human-computer interaction. But on the other hand, we fear, how to make a good thing what no previous reference is a difficulty. For example, you can't say you double-click action control or something. "Lee notes that a lot of human movements and gestures, such as pinch and pull, clap your hands, body language in cross-cultural communication in General, and Motion detectors by Leap recognition of these actions.

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Wear the Oculus Rift, first-person experience the large Hadron Collider

Not wearing a virtual-reality device can also experience the Collider. User to Leap over the Motion wave projector that projected results accordingly. "Users want fun fun, want to feel that they can control the game music and Visual graphics. "

Collider produced by Funktronic Labs Game Studio, currently available at Leap Motion store.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Low price SteelSeries Diablo III 29 99

Low price: SteelSeries Diablo III. 99

SteelSeries Diablo III apparently is aimed at fans of the mouse products. SteelSeries Diablo III there are 7 custom buttons and cool breath of light, a 32-bit microprocessor and A9500 laser engine, DPI up to 5700 fretting for Omron D2EC-F-7N, flagship of the duly completed. Starbucks iPhone 6 Plus Case

SteelSeries Diablo III hit a record low of $ 29.99, compared to the last time recommendations come down a little bit, about 180 yuan, cost about 250 Yuan, compared to most of the 450+ price advantages.

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gowild brought an upgraded version of the hatsune

Gowild brought an upgraded version of the

In early 2016, Gowild released Prince xiaobai, not function like sweeping robot service-oriented products, but the main feeling social.

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In six months time, intelligent technology continued in the field of AI robots with Gowild, unveiled on July 8 at Beijing AI holographic 3D product Holoera, Holoera create a secondary fictional character "amber". Victorias Secret iPad Mini

Gowild CEO Qiu Nan introduction Holoera using nano-technology and Intel CPU, the shell is aluminum alloy with a polymer injection technology in space. It also has a built-in face recognition, human sensors, temperature identification and other identification systems. Holoera is connected to the Internet, using public cloud and private cloud data analysis.

Holoera via hologram shows the second element within the virtual character "amber", she has her own daily life, study and practice program, users can also specify their training for a specific project. She can interact with people and emotional companionship.

Gowild brought an upgraded version of the

"Amber" another anchor is similar to "hatsune" role. She will cooperate in Yu Quan release a personal album, performed a song at the press conference scene, and novel provides background stories. Gowild will open Holoera interface to game companies in the future.

Similar foreign-listed on the recent intensive emotional social robots, Japan SOFTBANK to launch the Pepper and the United States developed MIT scientist Cynthia Jibo, France launched the Blue Frog Buddy. Although rendering different forms, but they all want to be human "friend", became a member of the family in the future.

With two dimensional image rendering robot, almost qualified buyers. But "outside" and there is no standard provision on affective identification and accurate response, is the power of users. Victorias Secret iPad Mini Case