Wednesday, October 12, 2016

World s first Singapore companies before the Uber launched unmanned taxi

World's first! Singapore companies before the Uber launched unmanned taxi

In an interview last week, CEO Travis Kalanick Uber company has just publicly say they are United States Pittsburgh driverless taxi Beta activity, is expected to open to the public this month. One thought is, just in the past two days from Singapore local nuTonomy company in the local are open to the general public testing driverless taxi has its own research and development, people can easily through Smartphone online reservation, nuTonomy taxi also became the world's first public test driverless taxi.

As a small company set up 3 years, nuTonomy is not known, but the "big brothers" were unusual. In addition to technical to get United States strong support from MIT and the University of Cambridge, in car manufacturing aspects of nuTonomy company France Renault and Japan's Mitsubishi company cooperate, in addition, a Singapore Government's immediate economic development Department of the company provided financial support and policy needs. Disney phone case

So far, only 6 nuTonomy beta cabs on the road, and range was also limited in Singapore "One North" industrial zone within 2.5 km of the fewer vehicles, and no practical sense to ordinary people. But the service does not currently charge users approved in advance, you can book an appointment online through nuTonomy the company's App. Now has 12 people passed the audit, the company plans to expand this number in the last few months to thousands of people, will also increase from test vehicles and driving distance.

World's first! Singapore companies before the Uber launched unmanned taxi

Although driverless taxi, but the nuTonomy does not completely independent from staff operations. At present, the nuTonomy for each car is equipped with a security supervisor, who is mainly responsible for monitoring software system for unmanned operation, and switch to manual driving mode when necessary, in order to ensure the absolute safety of the passengers.

NuTonomy said the company's testing activities is mainly to collect data and passenger opinions and suggestions for driverless cars, a large number of measured data of the user will be the future development of the company's strong support. By 2018, the company plans to form a covering the entire Singapore fleet of unmanned, help reduce the current Singapore has nearly saturated the vehicle, greatly easing traffic pressure and travel, this is Singapore Government's willingness to support one of the drivers.

NuTonomy the company's chief operating officer Doug Parker said that they expect will eventually drive the popularity of taxi Singapore car ownership from the present 900,000 vehicles reduced to 300,000 vehicles a year. With the reduction of vehicles, Road area to decrease parking area will be smaller than before, this will change the Singapore people's future lifestyle.

Singapore people's views on the driverless taxi, stab links.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Leaving the Baidu Young Marshal Gu Jiawei inserts spiritual technology

On August 6, a-share listed companies Oriental NET announcements: set up a wholly owned subsidiary of spirit technologies, implementation of service robotics business. Hermes iPhone 6 plus flip case

In fact, it is not surprising. Artificial intelligence as a high threshold of "air", "mass entrepreneurship, and innovation" by "winter capital" after the baptism, will undoubtedly improve the efficiency of capital.

Then, spirit of science and technology announced that "Baidu ominous" Gu Jiawei as co-founder, will be responsible for the company's products and research and development. Before the combined investment in Jibo Knightscope, signs, spirit means to cut into the artificial intelligence technology is very tough, non-play nature.

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Leaving the Baidu,

Leaving the Baidu, "Young Marshal" Gu Jiawei inserts spiritual technology

Gu Jiawei resume style 2010 after graduating from Qinghua University, joined Microsoft research, engage in human-computer interaction research, primary research areas include tangible entities interact and gesture control somatosensory embedded interaction. Institute of technical transformation of research results involving Microsoft products including the Kinect,Surface keyboard and Windows 10. In addition, he owns the hardware and software of the 22 United States patents, over more than 120 domestic patents, is United States Stanford ME310 international innovation courses, guest supervisors.

In 2014, the Gu Jiawei joining Baidu, "Baidu's ominous" one. As head of the human-computer interaction, whose main work is based on the depth of the study of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and natural user interface and novel ways to interact, explore, Baidu's artificial intelligence technology in the service of a new business environment and may. During this period, he led projects including Baidu smart glasses BaiduEye, Intelligent Assistant for the blind DuLight, intelligent real-time face-face App FaceYou and Baidu bike DuBike.

Gu Jiawei Baidu deep learning of Sciences (Institute of Deep Learning, IDL) established in 2013, by Robin Dean. Mainly for deep learning, massively parallel computing, robotics, automatic transmission, human-computer interaction, 3D vision, image recognition, face recognition, natural language understanding research, and through artificial intelligence techniques to improve all products the user experience, including search relevance, advertising targeted delivery, voice recognition, image search and other services.

With this as background, spirit technology ambitions are traceable. Hermes iPhone 6 Plus cover

It is understood that long before the spiritual technology was founded, Gu Jiawei and Oriental net force has had contact with. Which investment Jibo and Knightscope, is that he is very fond of robotics. But Gu Jiawei apparently has no intention of repeating things to do:

"At this stage of a hardware entity robot independent financing large venture, United States robots pundits Rodney has many practitioners worship by the robot trades, do the two companies over the past decade, iRobot, another Rethink now Robotics, two time points are stepping on the market makes good time. AI technique in recent years due to the rapid development of deep learning progress, but a lot of "popular" do robots use is not yet at the time, the market needs to nurture, certain groups or specific users in specific areas of the service had the opportunity to stir up the public's thirst for confidence-building, single product breakthroughs in the short term the possibility of explosions is small. This circuit must play for a change. "

Spiritual technology is in a different style. It is understood that in the planning of its products, in addition to the "robot" and industrial robots, will cover almost all the robot category, whether through investment, and research.

Clearly, the spirit of the present technology and not obsessed with "what is the ultimate form of artificial intelligence" that metaphysical propositions. In addition, Gu Jiawei, can really touch the user, rather than a purely-assisted intelligent terminals, and spirit the important conception of science and technology:

"I've been talking about all things connected to all things smart, put the AI algorithm to computer vision, natural language speech, these techniques, do some perceived or understood the decision function of automation tasks. But then we have to think about ' animism ', we want to make robots of new species has a spiritual, giving soul. This involves innovation in multimodal human-computer interaction technologies, does a spiritual product. "

There is no doubt that the "spiritual" is a "smart" broader concept, and Gu Jiawei causes more imagination in the former than the latter. Once the products directly to users, their strength is far greater than the industry explore Gu Jiawei know robot within a single product breakthrough is an unwise move and what product matrix that will be accepted by the public, and forms brand effect?

Obviously, this is the only product to respond to the problem.