Sunday, September 29, 2013

Laptop Solar Charger

This solar power bank comes with 20,000mAh battery. It will provide many more hours of usage for your electronic devices and will seem like an endless power supply thanks to the constant charging by the solar panels. Also included is a handy button to show the amount of power left in the battery and when it's low, just use the car charger, wall plug, or even leave it out in the sun to quickly recharge.

When you power on the laptop(notebook), just choose the 19V charging voltage, and only charge for the right voltage, if not the right one, it can't work. At the same time, the hybrid solar laptop battery charger supports for manual adjustment. Intelligent overpressure also has the overcurrent protection, when manually select the wrong time, it will automatically shutdown. This portable solar charger also comes with a voltage selection button to ensure full compatibility with a wide variety of electronic products, such as MP3/MP4 players, portable DVD players, cell phones, or any other USB powered device using the built-in 5V USB port.
Laptop Solar Charger
Laptop Solar Charger

Solar Battery Bank Powers Up Laptop

solar battery bank for laptop - charging laptop

Solar Battery Bank Connects to Laptop

solar battery bank for laptop - on the back

Solar Battery Bank Indicates It's Ouputting 19V

solar battery bank for laptop - on working

Friday, September 27, 2013

Music Angel TF Card Mini Speaker

This mini speaker is very small size, around 5x5x5cm, easy to take. It supports TF card from 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G to 32G. Five colors available: red, green, blue, silver and black. It's the first mini speaker released by Music Angel.

Music Angel Mini Speaker
Music Angel Mini Speaker

Music Angel Mini Speaker MD06D Features Music Angel Mini Speaker MD06D User Manual Music Angel Mini Speaker MD06D Size and Packaging

Monday, September 23, 2013

Portable Speaker Hi-Rice SD-818

Hi-Rice SD-818 has big, clear and lovely LED screen, which will display playing status, date and time. It can play music from USB flash drive and TF card. It can also listen to FM radio. Very nice home use speaker. Hi-Rice SD-818 Portable Speaker Size and Color Hi-Rice SD-818 Portable Speaker Five Colors Hi-Rice SD-818 Portable Speaker Detail Hi-Rice SD-818 Portable Speaker Long Battery Life Hi-Rice SD-818 Portable Speaker USB Charging Hi-Rice SD-818 Portable Speaker Nice Voice Hi-Rice SD-818 Portable Speaker Alarm Hi-Rice SD-818 Portable Speaker USB and TF Card Hi-Rice SD-818 Portable Speaker User Manual

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Latest TPU Case for iPhone 5c

Have you bought new released iPhone 5c? If yes, it could be difficult to find a case for it on the market now. has start selling new coming TPU iPhone 5c case. It comes with five colors: red, blue, yellow, white and black.
TPU iPhone 5c Case
TPU iPhone 5c Case
Translucence TPU iPhone 5c Case

Translucence TPU iPhone 5c Case

Friday, September 13, 2013

Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoor Activities Fans

If you are an outdoor activities fans, you will definitely love this super portable bluetooth speaker. It will let you enjoy your loved music on the fly when you are hiking, running, riding, fishing, climbing and any other outdoor activities. Two modes you can select: play music from its micro SD card or from you smart phone via bluetooth. And more you can take hands-free call via its bluetooth connection. Go! Take your way, take your music with you.

BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Hiking BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Hang on the backpack BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Colorful Speaker BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Small Size BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Function description BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker User Manual BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Features BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Package

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Best Solar Battery Charger Reviews

The iPhone is undeniably one particular of the pinnacles of contemporary day technology at present. Utilizing a healthier slew of cutting edge design and hi-tech equipment, it became a sort of iPhone of all trades. And who could argue? A light, portable device that could surf the web, play games and video and music, organize your work schedule and a lot more, what else do you need for a hassle free of charge life? Effectively, despite setting the standard for intelligent phones everywhere, the iPhone nevertheless suffers in the very same recalcitrant challenge as any transportable gadgets these days; restricted battery life. While several individuals tend to disregard this as a minor flaw, wouldn't it be nice if we are able to play, surf and operate with our iPhones devoid of the fear of all of a sudden operating out of juice within a extremely untimely moment? Luckily, we've an answer for that; the solar battery charger.
Portable Solar Battery Charger
Portable Solar Battery Charger

The portable solar battery charger is technically an iPhone case using a constructed in solar panels. Because the name suggest it gathers energy in the sun to energy up your iPhone. It might also retailer energy as backup supply in case the energy collected is inadequate. The solar iPhone charger can charge your iPhone provided that essential, supplied that there is a sun to constantly provide energy to refill it. But should you locate yourself, within a dire will need of recharging your battery at night, superior stick for the USB cable. Aside from that, it is a piece of equipment recommended for travelers and adventurers alike.

You can find other revolutionary attributes for the portable solar battery charger such as a sturdy and lightweight style that doubles it up as a stylish carrying case although also enabling you to charge your iPhone while you're running, walking, jumping, or biking. No swimming naturally, we all know what would occur if we try that. Other characteristics to be noted would be the LED status indicators, to stop overcharging, an ergonomic style having a non slip finish and various ports that enables you to totally use all the functions of the iPhone with no needing take it out from the solar iPhone charger case.

Much more importantly, it's a clean and effective strategy to energize the iPhone for free. Needless to say, the only challenge right here is when you need to recharge at evening or on a rainy day as we talked about earlier. Otherwise, this really is some sweet piece of technology that even Mother Nature would approve, regardless of whether or not she has an iPhone of her own.