Monday, January 20, 2014

Kate Spade iPhone 4 Case

I am a careless and butterfingers person that I always bring hurts for my iPhone 4. Actually, I think the iPhone 4 is important and necessary to me, it is so important and I'm very conscious of the fact they brake so easily too. So to keep it from daily necessary �� attributions I bought several iPhone 4s case. While some of them didn't meet my need until I find the Kate Spade iPhone 4 case. When I see the Kate Spade iPhone 4 case, I was attracted by its good looking, since I have heard about the Kate Spade case before, so I decide to buy it immediately.

Kate Spade Case for iPhone 5 Paint Swatches

Kate Spade case for iPhone 4 is fit for phone4/4s. So lovely and special, super gift! This Kate Spade case for iPhone 4 can not only change the look of your iPhone 4 in seconds, but it protects it as well, the Kate Spade case for iPhone 4 won���t let you down. This stylish case is perfect to all women as it comes in magenta color with adorable white dotted design. Kate Spade certainly wants to bring color and fun to your iPhone 4. This Kate Spade case is made from durable silicone materials that will certainly protect your iPhone 4 from getting scratches and scrapes. And since it is made from silicone, it is surely flexible and very soft to touch.

You can also access all the ports and controls of your iPhone 4 easily since the cut-outs are precise, allowing you to maximize the use of your iPhone 4���s functions.The quality is beyond any other case I've owned and I just love the simplicity to the design. The case still has the ability to use a charger, plug in headphones, press the lock and volume buttons. The case even dips around the camera, which is great if you need to use the flash. The case snaps on, doesn't fall off but the silicon part means it���s also easy to take off too.

Kate Spade iPhone 4 Case Feature:

1.Raised and molded design

2.Total access to all controls

3.Unique design makes people focus on you

4.Protect your iPhone 4 from scratches,water,oil spot,dust

5.Light weight makes you comfortable to use it

6.Fashionable and uniqueness, the Kate Spade iPhone 4 case protects your iPhone 4 and gives it a new look

7.The installation process is quick, simple, and no iPhone 4 disassembly is required.

8.By Kate Spade new york; imported.

9.Compatible for Apple iPhone 4

Monday, January 6, 2014

Best ipad mini case review Cath Kidston ipad mini case

The Cath Kidston Case for ipad mini and ipad is simply beautiful and the attention to detail is exquisite. The Cath Kidston ipad mini case has rounded, two hard-looking sides. The main, top part is finished in champagne flora while the the lower portion is finished in satin sliver.

Cath Kidston Case for iPhone 5 Stripes

This Cath Kidston ipad mini case is designed by British designer Catn Kidston,there are variety of styles avaliable including Floral,Starry and Polka-dot.The Cath Kidston case will keep your ipad mini at the top fashion.

Cath Kidston ipad mini case Description:

100% brand new and genuine!Protect your valuable investment from scratches and damage Ultra-Slim and Light Weight cases Made of durable material Easy to install and remove without any toolPersonalize your iPad mini with this Cath Kidston casePerfectly designed to fit your iPad Mini

They come up slightly higher than the edges of your iPad to protect it should you desire to put it face down on the table. They also delineate where the ipad mini Case comes apart. To take it off, simply remove the bottom section, slip the metal backplate out, and take off the top.

The Cath Kidston ipad mini case is good sized cutouts for all the ports.Now some may worry about the size of the ipad mini case and it is bigger than a skin case. It's supposed to be.The Cath Kidston ipad mini case isn't about minimalism. It's about protecting your iPad and being stylish about it.