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Microsoft really want to move Or publish new E3 show host

  This year's E3 Expo since 2013, would probably be one of the most anticipated event, the rationale for this is because there have been rumors that Sony will be announced at the E3 2016 function stronger new PS4. Despite big may not be at E3, Nintendo NX have also been identified in the report will be available for sale in the year 2017. What about Microsoft? Rebecca Minkoff iPhone case

Microsoft really want to move? Or publish new E3 show host

  Always works closely with the Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott in his blog post new articles on, say Microsoft will open new hardware at the E3. Taking into account the information on Paul Thurrott standing at the level of senior Microsoft, and also known as a message from "Microsoft employees" confidence level is not low.

  The so-called "new hardware" is first and foremost a new handle. This handle as the Xbox One is the new standard, and will replace the existing handle model. Because the Xbox One handle itself have no room for much needed changes, new and existing models in the design of the handle will not be much different. Taking into account existing standard handle only black in the color scheme section, the authors argue that new handle will be white.

  In addition to the standard with the new handle, but Microsoft will also be released on PC and Xbox One new ways. Current Xbox spread Windows have been able to achieve between 10 and One game lost, and some games are also able to buy cross-platform sharing. Microsoft's idea is to explore the Xbox One and the PC in this new combination, but we still don't know what that would be.

  Of course, the players certainly don't treat the two as is important news, there is more power: the author, sources also revealed that the new handle and interactions, as well as a "much greater surprises." Taking into account the recent people's mania for so-called PS4 Neo, Xbox does One really have to launch the upgrade Edition?

  These revelations is not out of thin air. As early as when Microsoft announced Xbox 360 production, Phil Spencer said "within the next few weeks will be beyond the Xbox One and Windows of 10 big events." If this "event" does not refer to the Xbox referred to above One and Windows combination of 10 new ways, so players could easily be over to the new host.

  Microsoft has said publicly that it has the intention to have the Xbox One with PC-like performance upgrades, but does not let the players hard to disassemble. An interesting speculation arose: on E3 this year Microsoft will launch an Xbox One with hardware upgrades. If that is so, then it was for the players to go beyond the Xbox One and Windows 10 events.

  Microsoft spokesman expressed noncommittal, claimed they would not comment on rumors and speculation. E3 just around the corner, Microsoft has no major moves, and will soon know. Rebecca Minkoff case

Rebecca Minkoff case

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7 VR space positioning tool below

Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network" public attention): this is the VR space sequel to position 7 weapon. Author Wang Rui for VR senior industry practitioners.

As previously mentioned, VR experience building now still missing the most important part is cheap and flexible and accurate positioning solutions.

About VR space positioning tool, in addition to the sense of body position, optical tracking and image recognition, space radar, HTC Vive Light House, we will continue to talk to the rest of the 2 types of weapon, and to sum up the advantages and disadvantages of the existing spatial positioning, welcomed the study.

|RTKGPS、UWB、SLAM... VR space positioning what hottie? (E) RTKGPS

Real-time difference GPS technology at least has two a part composition: in base station Shang placed receiver, on all visible of GPS satellite for continuous observation, and will observation data through transmission equipment (like number biography radio, WIFI, and public 3G/4G communications network and so on), real-time to sent to user Observatory (flow station); and in user Observatory Shang, also through GPS receiver received GPS satellite signal, while also through radio received equipment, received base station transmission of observation data, And then through the user's coordinates to calculate the relative positioning in real time, the dynamic positioning accuracy up to 1cm-2cm.

This technology not only can be used as a mapping can also be used for military purposes. Its high accuracy characteristic can be used for accurate navigation of large agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters and in machinery production and achieve a perfect combination between intensive; at home, a fairly extensive civilian scene is the driving test ... ...

7 VR space positioning tool (below)

Before the advent of RTKGPS, surveying and mapping industry in order to obtain a precise coordinates to cm, need to use a common GPS device to receive data, and then a lot of offline calculation. And the emergence of RTKGPS greatly developed many new scenarios, such as drones. RTKGPS belonging to a professional field, using a little-and the price is very high, but in recent years has been more and more practitioners will this technology became more populist, an example of this open source RTKGPS Kit:

7 VR space positioning tool (below)


However, RTKGPS is, after all, GPS must be outdoors you can use. Which usually plans setting indoors or shopping mall for the VR experience Center is undoubtedly a major bad news. But profound VR outdoor experience is not without precedent, for example links below video was once popular in the media and friends (but really are highly dangerous, do not try this)--the race car wearing VR helmets, cool to a friend.

It was meant to be an automobile brands and engaged in a public relations campaign in a lubricant, racers take OculusVR helmets and cars loaded on high-performance computers, so as to fully experience the pleasure of drift in the virtual space. And this adventure owes its success, one of the major reasons is the use of the RTKGPS to complete the localization, so that we can accurately know the location of car and driver, and corresponding virtual content rendering (and avoid the tidings of riders fell out).

(Vi) UWBUWB technology is a kind of wireless location technology, this technology (Ultra Wide band) also known as "ultra-wideband" position, it is a kind of pulse signal high-speed wireless short-range communication technology of data transmission, rather than General wireless communications system used by the carrier.

Principle of UWB positioning is very simple, it is using the beacon sends out pulses arrive flight time to calculate the location of the base station, and Yes, we are familiar with is the name, TOF (Time of Flight).

Don't forget to radio is based on the speed of light, so its detection precision from the theory can be very high.

UWB was originally from 60 's pulse is the definition of communication technology. UWB technology pulse length is generally in the subnanosecond level signal, which can reach thousands of megahertz bandwidth (UWB limit 3.1-10.6 GHz), the technology in 1989 by the United States Department of Defense named as the ultra-wide band technology. Which is characterized by large bandwidth, carrier-free, low power.

7 VR space positioning tool (below)


Because bandwidth is large, so penetrating UWB technology is better. Compared to technologies such as WIFI, radio multipath effects (because the high frequency signals are straight lines, so it will bounce back and forth because the building block into several roads, it is difficult to judge) to the much weaker, so the accuracy of the positioning scheme is often better than the traditional Room-Level scheme based on WIFI (that is, determine which room in the room) much higher. Now mature UWB positioning system can even just dozens of centimeters, also has options that firm said 2-5 cm accuracy level, but the actual deployment in a variety of indoor space occasions when, basically not up to this precision. Not all venues are, after all, is an open and free of any block, no more people to participate in the big house. And don't forget the core of this technology is also a communications link, so all kinds of communications interference but also brought.

UWB itself, after all, is a wireless technology, it covers all wireless communications are within the band of noise about it, and its wall despite better than other wireless technologies, but it will still have a greater attenuation. And the UWB standard is to limit the power of, so now most of the programmes are effective at about 10 m, if it is a large indoor venues may also laid a lot of communication base station.

Therefore, if a scheme the UWB independent positioning, would still be less than severe VR experience required position accuracy positioning and distance, but if you can work with data in other ways, may want to solve the problem.

Germany famous Fraunhofer research center, there is a "black science" products is called RedFir:

7 VR space positioning tool (below)


Install equipment in a players feet, sneakers and ball placed inside the device, and layout of the entire site after the collection of a large number of base stations, the whole stadium was transformed into a high-tech Virtual Studio, you can at any time during the process of broadcasting for data collection and analysis, the Visual work. Such a good thing, of course, have been willing to use the VR experience, just to those key problems with the wireless, I am afraid that to developers to pay a big price.

(G) deep-fried chicken: SLAM

SLAM's full name in English is: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, simultaneous localization and map building.

In short, for space within of a robot (or no machine), if it in a completely unknown of environment in (like Tomb Raider adventure), so it on can side along ramps to in go, side with camera or laser radar to created has this ramps of digital information copies (is building map), such then had a will on can using just created of map data to himself navigation using has.

Oh, some very high-end sweeping robots, also known as using this technology.

In the movie there is a scene in the Prometheus, a drone with a laser detection ability (the ball) is thrown out, it began independent access to space information. This is a typical SLAM scenarios:

7 VR space positioning tool (below)

In fact, from the academic definition, robots in unknown environments began to move from an unknown location, and then move depending on position estimation and sensor data are constantly positioning itself and amendments, while building incremental map, this is the basic process of SLAM.

Of course, this approach is not necessarily just for robots, if people carry a portable computing device (or just the phone), then SLAM can also create maps in unknown environment and to position themselves, that is why we urgently need in the VR scenario features.

SLAM algorithm of a variety of data sources, such as using scanning LiDAR point cloud data, also have binocular camera with RGB images and stereoscopic vision to generate, or directly use RGBD Kinect (visible light + depth) programme and can even be seen in the lab-level based on single camera and RGB color or grayscale images to make the SLAM algorithm papers.

From another perspective, if you expect based on three dimensional space recognition technology (rather than the traditional two-dimensional code or pictures), then SLAM class means better and faster methods, but also the AR software and algorithm developers (for example, Metaio, but has been acquired by Apple) has been working to achieve goals. As SLAM on the one hand to be able to give a more precise location, as well as three-dimensional features can do for the environment gets three-dimensional reconstruction and the necessary means, to address the actual scene in the display device, and virtual images overlapped, occlusion problems AR scene may be used in the future, is also a portable wearable rigid demand.

7 VR space positioning tool (below)

Today, the SLAM has been widely used in VR/AR on the device, for example Microsoft HoloLens is typical RGBD SLAM scenarios. Project Tange of Google mobile phone, as well as Intel RealSense details are RGB-D SLAM. Even how many people have not seen the kind of "black science" company Magic Leap, probably impossible not to SLAM as spatial positioning and the actual mask cornerstone of judgment.

SLAM on the high-end business market, in fact, already has a very mature stories. NCAM camera system such as Virtual Studio, which doesn't require traditional electric controlling pan/tilt, can be directly mounted in the frame on the Nikon stable shooting everywhere. Get the camera position and orientation results are immediately reflected in the content creation tools, in order to achieve an animation or special effects blockbusters among the leading camera-link.

7 VR space positioning tool (below)

Of course, SLAM technology is not without shortcomings.

First of all, it's still based on Visual identification of signal acquisition/processing/transmission compared with other technical means, the current delay often is hard to ignore, and that's what is VR experience where the most unacceptable. Addition, SLAM on at this stage of mobile equipment for, calculation pressure still too big, Project Tango phone and HoloLens glasses for increased has a or more block Association processor, such natural and brings has power management and overheating, various problem, rumors in the Carmack also in for future of OculusVR and GearVR helmet sought based on SLAM of positioning programme, it whether can became future VR world mainstream positioning way, may currently also is a unknown just.

| New omnidirectional treadmill

Above all spatial orientation programmes are based on the same premise, that players can walk sites in accordance with their will, walking its scope limited by the site itself. If we of experience target is a paragraph in warehouse Chamber in war zombie, or in street build fortifications acting nemesis of VR game, so such of programme apparently total has comes; but if we is to a paragraph GTA5 as of Super big as target, or is can unlimited and exploration down of sand box game, so again big of site I'm afraid also enough players toss...... And space bigger, more complex structure and shape, position that corresponds to the installation and maintenance costs higher, in order to maintain a stable location algorithm and accuracy more difficult.

Fortunately, there are people who will look for other ways, such as in people's daily fitness treadmill, join in addition to speed control of directional control, became known as the Omni-directional treadmill (Omni-directional treadmill):

7 VR space positioning tool (below)


Design of an omni-directional treadmill is not however went hunting one with touch screen and MP3 function of treadmill thing, here are two huge question developers need to think:

, How to identify players in a treadmill speed and direction;

Second, how limitations in Center for devices running the player, or he was not aware that the premise of his "back" facility?

Omnideck is an early launch of the above solutions, it uses a group of players as the center of the radial motion of the conveyor belt. When players come to you any belts, direction sensor will sense the player's movement and speed, drive belt to send players back to the Center.

7 VR space positioning tool (below)


It is easy to imagine, in which equipment mainly depends on the number of radial belt. Once increased the number of conveyor belt, it will bring more heavy maintenance costs, the sensor accuracy, as well as their own weight. Moreover in such a huge space for only one game, from a revenue point of view may be living beyond their means. Therefore, a lot of focus on walking VR experience company immediately launched a programme that looks more reasonable, such as Virtuix Omni in the figure below:

7 VR space positioning tool (below)

Omni running machine itself can as a is a cooking with of not stick pot pot (actually it of material does is not stick pot of material), it of chassis was design into a surface SAG of round surface, and by many small concave slot of smooth radial runway composition, above is a can regulation bracket, up to protection players and recognition Xia squat/jumped up action of function, total weight about for 50 kg, and user need wear Shang special of shoes only can in Omni of runway Shang movement--more accurate to said, Is sliding on the runway. This design can be more lightweight and flexible than the former, the key lies in this "foot could not be left in the bottom of the sliding Center" feature, and Groove around the sensor system is responsible for measuring user movement direction and speed, so as to simulate the players marched in virtual space.

Principle, this programme looks perfect, just more cumbersome to wear, to the domestic market would still have the distance. However, judging from the actual user feedback, "foot slide step" movement is not to make them feel comfortable. Might even be a feeling in the song:

Little mouse,

On the lampstand;

Oil theft--

7 VR space positioning tool (below)

Is there less bulky, sensitive and accurate, will not make the player feel uncomfortable to run option? There may be:

7 VR space positioning tool (below)


Infinadeck full to running machine since birth of day up on attract has many media and industry people of concern, it of basic idea actually and no very complex of place: used motor led belt round of way, using a whole article along y axis movement of big belt round, led more article along x axis movement of small belt round, such players in two a axis up of movement are can was recognition and records down. The central location and the player once you leave the treadmill, the system will pass the Visual recognition or other means of identification that the direction and distance of the player, and start the motor to send players back.

Of course, this design also has two small bridges to cross. First is the weight problem, so many motor and pulley was placed on top of a piece of equipment, its load-bearing pressure is probably quite small, non-mechanical structure as a whole has to with sufficient raw material to build steel body; overall estimate down, tons of weight on such a device there, really moved to the House I am afraid it will only let downstairs neighbor was on pins and needles. Second is players of movement feel and equipment size of relationship, if equipment itself had small, belt round of perimeter also on is small, produced of friction also on different--which is easy with to players a obviously of "was pulled back place" of feel; and equipment had big although can let "back in situ" of process became smooth, is undoubtedly further increased has equipment of volume and weight, let household level of using cost became more to accept.

Infinadeck has been claimed to build inexpensive and convenient system of Omni-directional treadmill, who has yet to release updated news, and perhaps are trapped in these structures and selection of difficulties.

| Don't let your players limping

We simply summarize the previously mentioned advantages and disadvantages of various positioning options, as shown in the following table:


Cost of delay time

Recognition range accuracy

Number of disturbances of Kinect VR Shinecon headset

< 2000

>30ms4x3 meters precise roles to bone, but unstable

Up 6 people, easy lost too much of debris, extra of infrared light, strong reflection material PS Move<2000 yuan >30ms can appropriate extended distinguish role and weapons according to color ID suitable distribution more people, may will errors reported too much of debris, complex of environment and back views, block mark points, errors of camera calibration optical positioning system > 200,000 yuan <20ms can unlimited extended, but cost also with of soared precise to role bones usually not over 4 people too much of debris, complex of environment and back views, Block markers, camera calibration errors HTC Lighthouse

< 8000 yuan <20ms5x5 meters head and hands handles recommends 1 people too much of debris, not rules regional, errors of placed laser radar 140,000 20-30ms40x40 meters contact points, distance more far precision more low recommends 1 people, cannot distinguish ID too much of debris, each other block UWB?<20ms depends on base station number 15-30cm recommends 1 people too much of debris, more diameter problem, other equipment of interference SLAM?>30ms can unlimited extended, but data volume soared

Depending on pretreatment pretreatment 1 accuracy is often needed to map cannot have big site changes after Virtuix Omni<8000 gait 1 do not restrict accurate to within a step without interference, but wear complex, experience is not true Infinadeck? Step within the limited accurate gait 1?

Conclusion seems very frustrating at the moment, no programme can be said while addressing cost, multiplayer games, low latency, anti-jamming, and space restrictions these big issues.

In other words, though the author has hardships and learning to ask for help, managed to collect seven weapons plus an extra Bouns (treadmills), but still could not reach the start in the heart's desire: VR virtual space walking experience, is really an unattainable goal?

Fortunately, we have seen enough of practitioners has been started for this effort.

Author experience had Shanghai green pupil of optical positioning programme, its low delay and accuracy has do has available of level, and more low cost of products development presumably is this team next of target; Connaught also make reportedly also not meet Yu currently system key parts of high cost and relinquished, began research himself of optical positioning system; The Void more is secret received has a designed specializing in UWB positioning of team, intends to put himself of theme park positioning programme more diligence. More brain hole was wide open in the future, innovative solutions, and position means closer to the actual demand, may have also not far away.

Built and maintenance costs can be controlled, so people with the game no longer is the key problem, let your players don't become ropey – believe in VR space location's next move, will give us a surprise.

Drawings from: VR Shinecon headset

VR Shinecon headset

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CES 2016 Dell releases two high end new Latitude

  The 48th session of the CES International Consumer Electronics Show are United States Las Vegas, gathered here for many technology companies to showcase their products and technologies. A few days ago, Dell is at the show has released two of the Latitude series products, respectively, is Latitude 12 70,002 notebooks and Latitude 13 7000 notebook.

  Don't have the boom while the current PC market, Dell is not too many approaches, but the company continues to update the Latitude series, for more portable, battery life for longer, more powerful mobile experience. These notebook computer design is very elegant, mainly aimed at the high-end elite business users.

  Latitude 12 70,002 notebook

CES: 2016: Dell releases two high-end new Latitude

  Dell Latitude 12 7000 is a 12.5-inch combo laptop. From a modelling point of view, the device worked very well, metal material to create processes of the body combined with grinding process can bring a very nice texture. Flat part of it very thin and has a very good portability, and connect the keyboard to the base used as a notebook is very solid.

  It is understood that the Dell Latitude 12 70,002 the Board is Intel's sixth-generation Skylake Core-M processor architecture and support vPro vPro technology, low power consumption enables this product to use fan-free design. 4K resolution of the Super clear IPS touch screens can also achieve a more detailed display.

  In addition, the Latitude 12 70,002 also used the USB-C with more interfaces, power connection, data transmission, video output and a series of operations can be done through it.

  Latitude 13 7000 business notebook

CES: 2016: Dell releases two high-end new Latitude

  Compared with two in one design Latitude 12 7000, Dell Latitude 13 7000 business notebook is easier, and it uses traditional laptop design, from a styling point of view, the classic style with this product under Dell XPS series is somewhat similar. Valentino iPhone plus case

Valentino iPhone plus case

  This Latitude 13 7000 business notebook cover parts made from carbon fiber composite material, texture is very good. Remember Dell XPS 13 has a 13-inch by 11-inch screen on the fuselage of the effect? Latitude 13 7000 also achieve a similar visual effect, in ultra narrow design with the help of, the device not only to achieve a good effect, but also take into account the portability.

  It is worth mentioning that, this notebook is ideal for business people, the traditional keyboard and touch pad layout can make these consumers will soon start, in addition to independent key below the touchpad can also help users more accurate touch operation.

  Latitude 13 7000 in configuration than a 12-inch business notebook Latitude 12 70,002 laptop well, Dell it carries is Intel's sixth daikurui I-series processors, up to I7 vPro vPro technology is also supported. Also, this notebook is also equipped with USB-C interface, so it seems, the interface design in 2016 will become more widely available.

[Article correction] Valentino iPhone 6s plus case

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Oculus Rift experience true love Look at what the Japanese have done

Oculus Rift experience true love? Look at what the Japanese have done

A new products or technology from appeared to was widely application, always followed with specific of path, small to a computer chip, big to Internet, no a exception-at first, it just appeared Shi often very expensive, some dared to attempts to fresh things of people will first contact they, will it believes in for "future", shortly thereafter, it usually first will was two home around of big enterprise by has, last gradually in crowd in the universal. This cycle has been more than 100 years.

Now, we look at an exciting new technology: virtual reality. You may already know, VR there are short of time, but what you don't know is, using virtual reality in flight and combat simulations have been widely used in the military field. Due to the recent decline in component costs, head-mounted display devices like the Oculus Rift aroused interest in the vast number of tech enthusiasts, perhaps it is time for VR in the transition from the military to the lives of ordinary people.

In the past few months, virtual sex Simulator equipment Oculus and a real commitment to research and development. To tell you the truth it is more shocking, not to say how much this topic is fantasy, people may be more concerned about how sex is combined with the peripheral equipment, they will be what's new Office.

Now let us look at the present and future of virtual sex: in a science and technology exhibition, Japan Tenga male masturbation products companies take their own Jian Wei Cup and Oculus device and a Rift, combined with a pornographic video game made up a Cybersex device. In addition to this there are a growing number of adult games and Oculus Rift with compatible devices. There is an increasing number of software developers and hardware manufacturers to Cybersex showed strong interest.

michael kor



And the biggest problem is that all of this just for fun, or is it to replace real sex in the future?

Some people think that, with the improvement of technology, virtual sex and true love are getting closer, and finally let your dreams come true, such as you can, blue-skinned avatar do it can and spending a gentle snow, and no sense of endearingly, these will be possible at some point!

But that does not mean that Cybersex can replace true love. Is a real woman and an Oculus headset before, would you still wear the Oculus rather than women? More people are more interested in real magic. michael kor

Overall, the "sex" this thing has set back the development of dangerous, potentially alienating our interpersonal relationships. Many things have evolved in the past thousands of years, but the "sex" is not. In the 70 's, for example, telephone was invented and marketing network of sex, and sex, but there has been little development. discounted Michael Kors

So for virtual sex, we don't have to worry about people will indulge himself in a heap of machines with a bunch of tools to take care of their physical needs. In any case, as long as we understand how the brain to think, knows how to Exchange feelings with others, then this will not exist in the future.


Via ExtremeTech

Thunderbolt money treasure

1796 votes

Thunderbolt money treasure

Is designed to help users share money treasure is a little idle bandwidth box, place it at home on the router, you can use to make money. Itself does not have the router function, can be considered a micro server, users insert a storage device such as USB flash drive or an external hard drive, you can make this server a thunderbolt using idle bandwidth to the server part of the network. Contribution to Thunder Server network, the greater, it means digging "mines" more. Dig the minerals can be bound directly to the public, "Crystal mine" convertible into cash red packet, used to spend or bank card.

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Domestic first Huawei 2015 mobile phone shipments to reach 100 million units

  Wei Feng network, December 18 today, announced on microblog Huawei, in 2015, has achieved an annual cumulative shipment of 100 million units. This year, it has launched mobile phone, Huawei Huawei P8 P8, Youth Edition, glory free playing 4 c and 7, wheat 4 glory, glory 7i, Huawei's Mate s (September 2), glory free play 5X and Huawei Mate 8.

Hermes iPhone 6 Plus cover

  The third quarter of this year, Huawei Smartphone shipped 27.4 million, an increase of 63%, to maintain high-speed growth coupled with the first, 48.2 million in the second quarter, total shipments exceeded 75.6 million; as of December 18, 2015, the Huawei mobile 2015-cumulative shipments exceeded 100 million units, for domestic manufacturers, this was a remarkable achievement.

  In July this year, said Yu, President of Huawei Terminal, is expected to finish 100 million shipments this year. Today is December 18, Huawei has indeed fulfilled this objective. Huawei mobile phones stand in accumulated 100 million Taiwan, equivalent to 1175, Mount Everest. Hermes iPhone 6 plus flip case

  Huawei and millet have been before "first" title now, Huawei became China's first mobile phone manufacturers of annual shipments of more than 100 million. Prior to this, only Apple, Samsung Smartphone to complete this achievement. Nokia, ZTE has been to over 100 million, but mainly to feature phone. Hermes iPhone 6 Plus cover

Domestic first! Huawei 2015 mobile phone shipments to reach 100 million units

  Huawei's global market share has been increasing, in 2015, consumer business continued rapid development, its share of the Smartphone market, has been ranked the world's third. According to Gartner's latest global mobile phone sales, the third quarter of this year, its market share increased sharply from 5.2% in the same period last year to 7.7% (Association for 4.9% of the fourth).

  In October this year, Huawei, a new flagship phone Mate 8, after the interview, its consumer business CEO Yu said to surpass Apple in the high-end market within two years. In addition, he said, in addition to Apple, Samsung, Huawei was the only rising manufacturers, market shares in excess of 10% next year. Now, Huawei's market share is more than 7.7%, then work harder next year, may be able to 10% share of the impact.

  Huawei, Yu also said that he believes that in the next 3-5 years, most of the Chinese mobile phone industry would disappear, only a very few survive.

Domestic first! Huawei 2015 mobile phone shipments to reach 100 million units

  Released Huawei model we can see from this year, Huawei has increasingly focused on high-end products. Yu has said, our high-end accounts for substantially higher, so the overall goal was significantly larger than anticipated, so to speak, starting from Mate 7 all the way beyond our expectations, this year's performance exceeded expectations and I think that's not enough, because our capacity is still relatively weak, we hope to do better. In fact, I think we did good enough, also need to be further enhanced.

  For 100 million performance, Huawei products line p series COO@HW laoshi says 100 million is nothing, Mate of Huawei s beyond the Apple i6s/i6s+/I6/I6+, more than 3000 high quality machine stalls first; high-speed tests in three subjects, first Mate s two (on network in Hong Kong, call connect); these two things, I think it is more memorable. Mate s reached a height, based on this, next year's flagship opportunity is more mature, more competitive and more user's favorite.

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Learn your habits Canary intelligent security camera reviews

  With intelligent technology matures and people to their security concerns by gradually rising, smart home security camera products began to appear on the market. They give users a sense, as well as two problems: camera installation difficulties, as well as the high rate of false positives. Canary, a start-up company introduced a product with the same name Canary smart home security camera, claims to be able to solve these two problems. So, we are evaluating to see if it exaggerated:

Learn your habits Canary intelligent security camera reviews

  According to the manufacturer's claims, Canary primarily for tenants as well as security systems designed for people not much research. It Wink platform, not only according to record the video, can also monitor the room environment, if there is any unusual phenomena, it will sound the alarm.

  The contents box is very simple, first of all, the most conspicuous Canary camera body, then a security cable, AC power adapter, micro-USB cable, and quick start guide. Canary only need the micro-USB line of power is enough.

Learn your habits Canary intelligent security camera reviews

  Canary first gave the impression not like camera, but rather a Air Purifier is more appropriate. Its shell is a plastic cylinder, height 15.2 cm, diameter 7.6 cm, 396 grams in weight. This simple design is a kind of "where appropriate", a Joker. Just think, you can put it anywhere.

  Device 1080p full HD video, has a 147-degree wide angle lens, and is equipped with automatic night vision adjust. In addition, it also integrated three-axis accelerometer and dynamic identification of kinetic energy. Functionally, Canary can identify the ambient light, touch, temperature, humidity and air quality. Ted Baker Note 3 Case

Learn your habits Canary intelligent security camera reviews

  In addition, Canary also has a built-in microphone and a speaker, there is also a 90+ dB alarm. It through Wi-Fi or wired network 2.4GHz, officials recommend at least 1Mbps upload speed. Devices powered by USB cable, comes with very long wire.

  Canary's initial Setup is very simple. First you need to download iOS or Android application, and then follow your tips is, one of the most time-consuming step is only the software updates.

  Canary claims to provide "Bank level" security with AES 256-bit encryption, TLS/SSL connections, cloud storage, firewalls and other technology. Because of this, mobile phones and Canary matches require special security line, to avoid any means of stealing.

Ted Baker note 3 cover

  Application is the Canary Foundation control centre, its simple interface too much, that the use of a week are still a little confused, some important settings are hidden in the submenu. Application main screen is the Watch Now feature activated will be able to see the camera "eyes". Here you can see the temperature, humidity, air quality data, touch the options also can call up data charts over the past 24 hours.

  Compared with other competitors, Canary big difference is built into a learning algorithm can be adapted to the user's habits. If you do not believe in this method, you can also fine-tune the application, lest it send a false alarm. Ted Baker note 3 cover

Learn your habits Canary intelligent security camera reviews

  If you use a not long, you might not feel this will bring different experiences, but for a long time, will be able to appreciate the convenience. Gradually increased with time, its false positive rate will be lower and lower, if only to walk dog, or a personal habit and kicks his legs, it is not responsive.

  Besides can learn the owner's lifestyle, this algorithm, it will suddenly change on the environment react. If the room temperature or sudden changes in air quality, the Canary will alarms. If an earthquake hits, the accelerometer recognizes that a strong vibration.

  General comments

  Canary is one of the most useful home security equipment, its design simple fashion low-key, not that annoying noisy alarm. Equipment installation and Setup is very simple and fast. Application interface design with some failures, but fully functional. Canary's camera could take a crisp high resolution video in order to make careful analysis of surveillance video of the irregularities. Wide angle lenses can cover as much of the range. In addition, night vision is good, as long as the light just a little bit brighter, it's easy to switch back to the normal mode.

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Collection is the collection of 1542

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Strange millet are also doing a smart home A socket is enough

Smart home concept and high prices, but the core is still through networking of intelligent, remote control and operation of household equipment-"if (if) I was driving home from work 3 km (this) then the (then) open the air conditioner (that)", so smart home simple concept to understand is that the hardware version of the IFTTT (if this then that). The irony is, when giant array when fighting in the smart home market, a small hardware business team gave warning by IFTTT pioneered in bulk shipments of smart home systems, and costs just $ dozens of orders of magnitude.

The smart home system this is the HOOK, United States four hardware development team has developed this product. HOOK Kit includes a RF (RF/wireless)-WiFi and extensible core controller plug converters, card converter, USB dongle, core network controller WiFi mode together with IFTTT, 315MHz-433MHz multi band radio mode and plug converter and converter card communications.

If IFTTT equivalent to the command center, the core controller is equivalent to Messenger, and converters is janitor. HOOK works is that when IFTTT conditions trigger server sends commands to the core of the network controller, central controller via radio signal control plug converter and mount transformer turn on or turn off power, and turn on or off electrical appliances and lighting.

Plug converter for various electrical appliances such as televisions directly connected socket, corresponding to card converter is a light bulb, corresponds to the USB dongle is a USB connected device such as a USB fan.

HOOK the concept very similar to the general concept of smart home, also realizes the intelligent operation of remote control and scene modes, except that they use the network computing (IFTTT), which is a local operation. So you don't need to make it easier for the next effort to replace the chips of ordinary home appliances are not installed, only need a HOOK and a IFTTT account can also experience the smart home system. virtaul reality case

IFTTT access to the large number of services, this also means that the HOOK can use a combination of a lot of Internet services. Like: If sunset (can through IFTTT of Google Calendar achieved), so open porch of ribbons lamp of power; if was in Sina micro-Bo @feed_tess, open Tess of feeding device--this play initially is Morris work Shi to not let himself of pet dog Toby starving Shi invention has a remote feeding device, now you also can so remote feed pet has, certainly don't let they long have too fat.

Some imagine, get up if you have difficulties, you can design a IFTTT rule, if the day to day 8:30, then light the lamps, open the shutter, start the coffee machine and microwave (or can learn from Japan's subway system employee self-inflating mattress, inflatable play you automatically get up to time out of bed), gourmet temptations estimated up to efficiency!

HOOK, of course there are some limitations, and is only connected to the power supply starts immediately permanent access equipment power relatively easy, such as TV, air conditioning, stereo, table lamp, but refrigerator that needs to be always connected to the power supply the appliance it will be very difficult.

In addition with the help IFTTT achieve the triggered action, HOOK also supports remote access to the Internet active operations, clients can be completed through the mobile phone, for example, after the bus remember forgot to turn off the lights of the room directly through the power off you can HOOK the client.

HOOK WiFi chips using the programme is more popular in foreign countries, so the API HOOK did not intend to apply for IFTTT instead of IFTTT is in use as a computing interface. Before using it, HOOK need applications and binding on the account.

Ways to buy

HOOK has one round at the Kickstarter success before all the discs on INDIEGOGO now began a round of raise, early bird price of $ 40 you can buy a HOOK key controller, converter require additional purchase (Amazon and other websites have been sold, so it is more convenient). Now Hook on INDIEGOGO to raise the target has completed 122%.

Intends to purchase of user please into Lei Feng network (search "Lei Feng network" public, concern) its coughs network a key pre-order, odd cool column has and coughs network reached cooperation agreement, now up, Lei Feng odd cool column Xia all technology products are can in coughs network purchase, more details please concern odd cool official micro-signal (woaiqiku), joined odd cool products QQ discussion group (467333995) and small partners are with discussion purchase recommends!

figment vr case

Discreet purchase links:

HOOK the smart home kits

51 votes

HOOK the smart home kits

United States hardware development team of four HOOK Kit includes a RF (RF/wireless)-WiFi and extensible core controller plug converters, card converter, USB dongle, core network controller WiFi mode together with IFTTT, to radio mode and plug converter and converter card communications. figment vr case

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The hammock on the other you can bubble bathing

The hammock on the other, you can bubble bathing!

Bath was the most exciting, heart are joyful liberation. Recently, a group of brain-hole opening of the crooked nuts combines bath and hammock, designed this magic Hydro tub hammock Hammock, is simply a portable spa! NET as Lei Feng (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) editor, I have to sigh, and nuts can really play!

The hammock on the other, you can bubble bathing!

Hydro hammocks Hammock bathtub makes you in the field, at home, balcony, backyard, basically any place can enjoy a hot bath, pleasantly relaxing.

What bubble baths hammocks to take which

The hammock on the other, you can bubble bathing!

Bathtub hammock using very simple, need to just hang it up and fixed. Could full suspended hanging or hanging half, leave a little drag on the ground. Of course, you can dig a hole in the sand, hammocks Hammock bathtub Hydro in it. Then add the appropriate amount of water, the development team, 70kg of water is sufficient. Finally, the heating device, wait for some time to kick back relax.

The hammock on the other, you can bubble bathing!

If outdoor camping near water, pumps can also be used to stream, Lake, sea water transfers hammocks, and heating device has filter feature, users can also clean, hot bubble bath in the open air. Hello Kitty iPhone 5S case

Outdoor hammock, pair

The hammock on the other, you can bubble bathing!

Bathtub Hydro Hammock hammock is sealed, flexible, non-slip, high-strength synthetic fabric materials can withstand the 190kg water and up to two adult weight, fast, showers! Of course, showers, hammocks must be secured to a solid place, big trees, small trees can be hard. hello kitty covers

40-degree hot water excellent relaxation

The hammock on the other, you can bubble bathing!

Heating units are currently rely on liquefied petroleum gas as fuel, the development team says, will launch power, solar-powered heating devices. Based on a person's physical condition, 40 degrees is an important boundary. Water temperature of around 37 to 39 degrees, less skin irritation, and the relaxed state of body and mind can achieve excellent. Water heating 100L heating device, from 13 degrees to heat up to 40 degrees, only takes 30-40 minutes time, users do not need to wait for a long time, will be able to enjoy.

Hydro hammocks Hammock tub comes in two models:

The hammock on the other, you can bubble bathing!

Single tub hammocks, more lightweight, easy to carry, suitable for use in outdoor trips. Retails for $ 480, raise the most low price of $ 260.

Double tub hammock, between two layers of materials can add a layer of insulating mat and lay down to be more comfortable, more insulation. In addition, within a two-layer water injection, can act as a water bed. Retails for $ 680, raising the low price of us $ 390.

Purchase users need to be aware of is that heating equipment need to be purchased separately.

All chips

Hydro hammocks Hammock tub was raised on the Kickstarter, as of Lei Feng is small when you write a paper, raised US $ 71,703 Hydro Hammock, has exceeded its target of $ 50,000 raised. If all goes well, in September 2015 at delivery. The project raised will be closed on July 29, 2015, to buy as soon as possible!

For more cool intelligent hardware information, please pay attention to odd public number (woaiqiku), in odd public key, you can buy, and I'm not gonna tell you, register as a member of Lei feng still get super discount.


The hammock on the other, you can bubble bathing!

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hello kitty covers

Bathtub Hydro Hammock hammock

18 votes

Bathtub Hydro Hammock hammock

Have you ever thought of tubs and hammocks, not into a pair of naot, actually can achieve on the same products? a product called Hydro Hammock can help you at the camping hammock hanging, and heating equipment in the hammock in the bath, in the cold weather, outdoors on a hot bubble bath is not very pleasant things?

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Phone on your bike and ride side charging

Phone on your bike and ride side charging

No exhaust, the noise is small, easy to ride, good health! Bicycles, as an important part of modern vehicles, from the date of birth and "green", "health" and other words associated with it. Whether it is for work, travel or a game, it has always played an important role in our lives. Now have a variety of convenient scooter appears, you will see a few enthusiasts still walk the bike through the city streets. Givenchy iPhone cover

Givenchy iPhone cover

Phone on your bike and ride side charging

Biking is good, after all is a little bit of inconvenience. For example, it is not like a car, you can listen to music or charge a cell phone in the car. From the United States of Zamora and Bethany Hamm is crazy riding enthusiasts. In order to achieve the aspirations of bikes to charge a mobile phone, they created pinetics Inc company, launched a bicycle mobile charger--Cydekick. They want Cydekick to make you healthier, more environmentally friendly! Givenchy iPhone

Phone on your bike and ride side charging

Cydekick is set by riding with the environmentally-friendly power generation equipment. Its basic philosophy is "charge-while-riding" electromagnetic reaction device installed on a bicycle, according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, riding the momentum generated into electricity, then through the USB device and can charge cell phones, GPS, cameras and other electronic devices. The most important thing is it doesn't have any mechanical friction, so it will not increase the burden on your ride.

Phone on your bike and ride side charging

This device is also equipped with electronic lights and tail lights, riding can be charged for the two lamps in the process. This overtime is useful, even if it is late, don't have to worry about headlights on the road due to insufficient power is off.

Phone on your bike and ride side charging

At present, Cydekick Pro and Mini versions, has a built-in battery for energy storage, and even stop you can also charge your devices. So, you can ride a full, or you can stop filling. Both are very easy to install and suitable for most bikes.

Pro version, compared to Mini, additional USB charging socket is configured, you can charge mobile phones, cameras and other devices-while-riding. In addition, it also equipped with headlights and taillights, you can ride in safety at night. Weight is about 490g, priced at around $ 150. And the Mini version, much smaller form, can also be powered by riding, but it is not configured for USB interface, configured with only the headlights and taillights. Compared to Pro, it's storing capacity of nearly, stop to power LED lights, it is estimated that only last 5 minutes. Weight is about 272g, priced at around $ 40.

Cydekick is now on Kickstarter for a January, all the preparatory activities of the target of $ 85,000. It is reported that their first production set for July 31. Subsequent small series will continue to monitor the company's trends, please do look forward to!

For more cool intelligent hardware information, please pay attention to odd public number (woaiqiku), in odd public key, you can buy, and I'm not gonna tell you, register as a network of Lei Feng (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) members can obtain the benefits of Super Oh!

Cydekick bike charger

45 votes

Cydekick bike charger

No exhaust, the noise is small, easy to ride, good health! Bicycles, as an important part of modern vehicles, from the date of birth and "green", "health" and other words associated with it. Whether it is for work, travel or a game, it has always played an important role in our lives. Now have a variety of convenient scooter appears, you will see a few enthusiasts still walk the bike through the city streets

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