Tuesday, May 10, 2016

No longer fear their ears pierced the ear will not lose Elbee

  Wireless ear plugs is absolutely great creation, through the most annoying wire stuff, our personal experiences go a long way. To say that the ear What are the disadvantages of wireless, it is easy to lose. Elbee express the new headset manufacturer to develop a will not lose your earplugs.

No longer fear their ears pierced the ear will not lose Elbee

  Last year a headset called the Dash of intelligent high portability is strong, it is attracting people's attention. Elbee ear looks and Dash a bit similar to the left and right ear completely detached ear-mounted design is portable enough, and are more likely to lose, Elbee is exist in order to solve this problem.

  Using Bluetooth technology, Elbee mobile application tracking in real time of earplugs are also within the Bluetooth range. If the earplugs out of Bluetooth range, applications will alert the user, asking if accidentally dropped it. Then, the application tells the user plugs the location of, and directions.

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No longer fear their ears pierced the ear will not lose Elbee

  Elbee not as intelligent as Dash, manufacturers focus on pure easy listening experience, earplug joined the voice control and motion control, users can just listen to the music without hands. gucci cases

  If we can achieve all of the ideas, then Elbee headset really is an option worthy of consideration. After the new product's final selling price will be US $ 269.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

GTX980 6700K the strongest monster in desktop hardware X9

  Today's PC development has spawned a variety of forms, not only is a 2-in-1 device for Tablet laptop can almost fit, and desktop and notebook computers more and more blurred. Today, we say the latter, mainly because of the urgent needs of the game and hardware development is no longer limited to desktop desktop, Nvidia announced last month that can be loaded onto a laptop desktop GeForce GTX 980 on a video card. Paul Frank iPad Air Case

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GTX980 + 6700K: the strongest monster in desktop hardware X9

  Wei Feng network, October 14, seems to be in response to Nvidia's call, while also taking advantage of the Windows wave released 10 devices, North America's top notebook computer maker Eurocom has released a brand new gaming laptop Sky carrying the desktop GTX 980 video X9.

  Many players think that this was not the first equipped with this monster graphics gaming laptop, MSI MSI GT72 Dominator is one step ahead. But compared to MSI, Eurocom is more like a madman, because really the full SKY X9 gaming laptop to desktop specifications to build a gaming laptop, book still carried a desktop-level flagship processor Intel Core i7-6700K and desktop complete Z170 chipset the motherboard, equipped with full water cooled heat dissipation package, aiming to facilitate enthusiast overclocking to the desired value. Paul Frank iPad Air Case

  Core i7-6700K Needless to say, the default clock speed 4.0GH (core frequency up to 4.2GHz), using the quad-core design eight threads. GTX 980 graphics cards specifications, allegedly used the complete specifications of the GM204 core, built-in 2048 CUDA processing units running at 1.1GHz, carrying the equivalent frequencies 7G 8GBDDR5 memory and better materials than the desktop version, ensure that the heat sink is not ideally still have outstanding performance.

GTX980 + 6700K: the strongest monster in desktop hardware X9

  The remaining parameters, SKY X9 display provides two configuration options, one is the standard 1920x1080 pixels and the other is 4K 3480x2160 pixel, the fuselage slot provides up to 4 internal hard drive, of which 2 are SATA, two are PCIe form. In order to ensure a more shocking game sound effects combined with Visual, independent audio chipset onboard innovations, coupled with Sound Blaster x-fi MB3 suite and Enbridge to build speakers and subwoofer.

  Other configurations including fingerprint identification lock, USB, Thunderbolt interface 3.1 interface, 2 MiniDisplayPort interface, customizable backlit keyboard, six in one card reader and 2 Gigabit RJ-45 network interface. In addition, since it is a desktop size of gaming notebooks, it must not have very good portability, and a fairly heavy, weight 4.8kg, although at the expense of light, but give players the blood-boiling performance.

  You guessed it, such a powerful gaming notebook price is certainly not cheap, Sky X9 of the official offer of us $ 2543 started about 16140 Yuan, pursue more custom price will be even higher. 

GTX980 + 6700K: the strongest monster in desktop hardware X9 GTX980 + 6700K: the strongest monster in desktop hardware X9 GTX980 + 6700K: the strongest monster in desktop hardware X9

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Li Ka shing to buy United Kingdom telecommunications company being United Kingdom

Li Ka-shing to buy United Kingdom telecommunications company being United Kingdom official requests blocked

  Li Ka-Shing in the British acquisition of concern there has been recent progress, on February 1, the United Kingdom Office of communications Chief Executive Officer Shalun·huaite urged EU antitrust regulators to block the deal. She pointed out that in countries where only three mobile operators, mobile phone service prices rose one-fifth, Supreme, she expressed concern that the merger would enable United Kingdom users ' phone bills soared, entities may also fight against rival retailers, disrupt existing network arrangements.

  "Richest man in Chinese" Li Ka-shing's business empire, has been moved to the West in recent years. In January 2015, the company owned by Li Ka-shing, Hutchison said, the company will spend about £ 10.25 billion (about 95.6 billion yuan) for United Kingdom's second largest mobile telecom operator O2 UK.

  O2 UK was founded in 2002, in 2006, Spain telecommunications for 18 billion pounds takeover. According to the financial times of London reported, after the transaction is completed, O2 UK and Hutchison's "Three mobile company" merging the United Kingdom's largest telecommunications group, 41% of the market share. But in November 2015, European Union antitrust regulators on Telefonica SA United Kingdom mobile operator O2 UK equity sold to Hutchison Whampoa's antitrust investigation of the trading scheme.

  This long and said, "3+O2," after the merger, in five years ' time, customers will pay less for more telecommunications services.

  February 4, Li Ka-Shing of Yangtze River and remember industrial on made commitment: in future five years, "3+O2" will in United Kingdom of telecommunications business investment 5 billion pounds; in merged Hou five years within never improve voice, and SMS or data price; "3+O2" will through transfer network capacity in the small shared interests, makes other United Kingdom telecommunications market of competition opponents can in fair competition of environment Xia provides service.

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