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Materialistic If pence less driving recorder can do

To tell the truth, driving recorder as a low frequency of use of the product, basically a device under the car scene. Driving recorder can guarantee the most basic functions of anti-pence, can also record what? What kind of experience? Stare at for the past two years the team has been thinking about the problem.

Stare at the team was established in early 2013, team members are mostly from the Huawei "Veterans", their direction with the WiFi, mobile phone Internet and wireless remote control vehicle traveling data recorder products. Traditional pictures of the vehicle traveling data recorder property is not high, and no more fun, so they are the integration of IP cameras and vehicle traveling data recorder, and then adds a wireless remote control is placed in the position of the steering wheel, so that driving can take photos at any time. It is probably that they are products of a new idea.

Of course, since it is a photograph of the vehicle traveling data recorder products in imaging quality and fluency on other details, such as the nature of the video can not be sloppy. Lei feng's screen and stare at the team discussed some of the products details, excerpts are as follows (deletions).

Disney case

Lei feng's network: does such a product, the most difficult part is where?

Stare at: trip recorder is a video camera, unlike electronics, cameras involve optics, what kind of lenses and image sensors, image quality adjustment requires some effort.

In addition key algorithm involves the adjustment of parameters, bit-rate control, experience debugging impossible alone, but also needs the support of the original.

Lei feng's network: fixed on 1080P photographic mode, if the vehicle traveling data recorder not up to 30 frames per second, video cards, not smooth, then how do you guarantee the fluency?

Stare at: movie 24 fps, generally does not appear more than 24 frames Cottonwood and fuzzy. 30 frames per second is industry standard, HDTV signal is typically 30 frames. Follow-up, we will also launch 60 high-end products, but cost and selling price increases.

Lei feng's network: video playback this feature, you can drag the progress bar is at any time how to achieve?

Stare at: we are to design the camera as a video server, App built on staring at the player to access the video site's forms to access camera App can achieve on the Web the same experience when watching videos.

Friends of business generally do not have to do the work, just a simple camera as a storage device, can only see the file list, you need to download the file to view a 3-minute if you need it for a while.

Video download is the same, normal WiFi traffic recorder can only select 3 minutes a file download, and stare at the on the App, you can drag the progress bar option within 5 minutes of free video downloads. Disney case

In addition, the experience of some details, such as the Android mobile phone switching network operations, as well as steps to upgrade firmware and electronic dog, users don't see until you get your product, only get the product after use will discover the benefits of this design.

Lei Feng network, each time the car starts or stalled when, voice prompts, this will not interfere with the user? How did you consider?

Stare at: this product does not have a screen, we think that the indicator prompts obvious enough, so add voice prompts are designed to let the user know that it works. If users feel the disturbance, can be turned off in the App settings.

Lei feng's network: why design a magnet to attach the camera and bracket?

Stare at: magnets are easy for users to remove the video or photograph. Ordinary traffic Recorder supports and usually by bayonet or screw of the camera, and once installed, it's hard to take them down. Use magnet interface more convenient, such as driving direction seen in the process fun and interesting scenery and can take a picture take it off.

Connection also involves some reliability issues with a magnet, magnets suction strength, will shake down, in this respect, we have done enough testing.

Lei feng's network: take off to take pictures, then how long can it supply? Built-in lithium-ion battery can withstand the summer heat inside the car?

Stare at: M6 camera built-in 260 mAh lithium-ion battery can last for some time, took down the equivalent of a moving camera, later on it can be charged.

We use high-temperature lithium-ion batteries, maximum working temperature is 70 degrees, in our App camera setup options can be set down after work hours, time is 5 minutes. We have high temperature aging test, including road tests. High temperature aging test is placed in a high temperature aging furnace, continuous working days, every batch of equipment will do the test.

Lei feng's network: for the price, how do you consider?

Stare at: a good product cost is required for, such as a better night capacity may change a sensor can achieve. But considering the price of this issue, all we can do is to ensure that in the market under the same price, using the best materials to ensure the high quality of products and user experience. Disney case


Most users driving when you can stare at Pat and then share your pictures to social networking communities. But if we really want to operate community, allows users to use as much as possible, "fun" and "interesting" traffic recorder, and share high quality content, fixed at would still have to invest more resources in.

Traditional vehicle traveling data recorder sells well below the line, in large part because dealers have more than enough profits, they are willing to push products. For startups, and in the case of pushing a product only, if the online channel to sell cheap, then online promotion will be very difficult. This is eye on bottlenecks encountered when the team first to promote their products.

Now there are more and more teams are doing in this direction such products, but thinking the same. Stare at as one of the earliest start-ups do intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, has been out of the three products. Let us not judge vehicle traveling data recorder whether he still prevent pence, low frequency of use of the product, at least as of now, it seems the CarLog system is becoming more fun and interesting.

Dialog products, found hidden behind the product's originality

"Materialism" is a network of Lei feng to create brand products reported, micro-signal to the public: okweiwu


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Stare at M6 traffic recorder

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Stare at M6 traffic recorder

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Mobile phones can play this iPhone 6 Lens Kit phone case

Say, iPhone products sell like hot cakes, has also driven many peripheral products on iPhone development. In the "arcade" era of power, phone case is undoubtedly effective way to show personality. Of course, external lens combination cell phone and mobile phone practices are no longer creative, I have this iPhone 6 Lens Kit puzlook phone shell is one of them. But puzlook iPhone 6 lens has a very characteristic places, then share it. Flawless cases

• Puzlook Lens Kit package is still fine, by a considerable weight of leather boxes.

▲ Open later will be able to see the set.

Puzlook the lens is obvious, all three lenses are integrated in the phone's rear-mounted camera position, in Exchange for the lens does not need to be taken down, but replaced by above and below the slide. Compared to those with clamps external lens or lenses of the same cell phone shell, with spiral sliding lens installation lens actually much the same but more convenient to operate and does not need to worry about installing a, where do other issues. Officials say isn't inspired by jigsaw puzzle-huarong?

▲ Accessories is relatively simple, there is a bag, for use by normally go out to carry, and a simple instruction.

• Phone case hard plastic skin treatment, on a single-touch, very comfortable. Puzlook LOGO printed on the back bottom position.

• Casing using two-stage design, below the upper portion of the lens with separate installation actually does not like the breaking, upper part should be installed first, then the bottom half up.

• Look after equipped. Have to say, this guy is pure white shape, supporting these three prominent scenes taken out pretty cool, can also cause a friend out of curiosity. But I think no one will be installed on the phone for a long time, because it is pretty heavy.

• IPhone equipped side color, like a moon astronaut equipment, iPhone 6 thickness increases.

However, equipped with the puzlook iPhone 6, can give us more pleasure in photographed, with some external lenses suit different is that this puzlook lens in my hand do not provide a macro lens, but by a 180 ° Fisheye, 120-degree ultra wide angle and 1.25 times one for close-up lens, and this combination is more suited to go out to photograph landscapes. After trying out a few days, then share a group puzlook with iPhone 6 out of the photo. Flawless iPhone 6 case

Comparison images:

• IPhone 6 normal perspective

▲ The same position the close-up lens angle

• Wide angle lens angle

▲ FishEye perspective

Fish-eye lens set to share:

Fish-eye lens, open the iPhone panoramic mode you can also get this effect:

Hand this lens belongs to the Basic, there are three lenses, in addition there are also four shots and five shots, it contains additional macro lens and 160 ° wide-angle lens, there are handles are available for purchase, iPhone photo a more diversified way of playing. Haha, of course, this product in game-like, comfortable at the same time, I believe this kind of lens ' relatively low image quality are obvious, the most obvious is reflected as falling edge resolution, and you have to live with it a bulky body, and impressive prices.

Flawless cases

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Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened

  Remember that is called the spiritual sequel to the blood of the Castlevania: ceremony of the night '? Recently officials eventually disclosed the new screenshots, players were surprised to find that it is not a game and before.

  LAN Xiao, 50 Division some time ago in the opening of the blood on the Kickstarter: night's ceremony raised. Because the producer's reputation game reminiscent of his the most famous of the Castlevania series, players generously raised the target quickly. The project faded out after the player view, until very recently, only to return.

  In previous games concept map, players see is of the night under the Moon Song style of the 2D version of the game, official new screenshot is completely transformed, however, became very attractive 3D works. It seems that concept just wake the players feelings before the "trap". Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

  The screenshots were released, because officials wanted to let the players decide they like the background styles and character styles. Is relatively simple 3D performance of the Orthodox good, still slightly painting cartoon rendering is good?

Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

  Although the blood: night's ceremony feelings meant more, but 50-LAN Xiao flashing we see he is trying to, the game will progress. New work in the future will also bring the kind of surprise?

Background roles 1 + 1

Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened! Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened! Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened!

Background roles 1 + 2 Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened! Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened! Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened!

Background role 2 + 1

Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened! Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened! Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened!

Background role 2 + 2

Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened! Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened! Spiritual sequel in the Castlevania the new figure what exactly happened!

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Lab Draw Something of Lei feng s Chinese disciples

Lab Draw Something of Lei feng's Chinese disciples

In March one of the most popular mobile games is undoubtedly Draw Something. Although cottage was a shameful act, but the English game fun China does have the necessary popular works, extensive and profound than expect foreigners to learn Chinese, or Chinese people such as yourself more appropriate, now what kind of China of his disciples?

First, if you are copying a Draw Something ... ...

We do not encourage plagiarism, but encourage people to do more good work, and before that, the original testing the waters and other existing works is necessary to know more about, so if you are copying a Draw Something would be hard to do?

No, Draw Something logical is not complicated:

1, at random, or import existing user, one-on-one game, and each player can establish multiple one-to-one relationships.

2, launched by game players first choose the words painting, painting the whole process will be sent by the server to accept as a video game player.

3, to accept the game the player receives after the painting process, select the appropriate letter from the 12 candidate letters completed to guess the word.

Game 4, guess right both for gold and painting to guess the word swap roles.

5, and so forth until you terminate the game.

6, without at the same time on both sides of the game online, asynchronous games.

Charging point of the game is simple: paid-for downloads/advertising, eliminating props and brush color to buy. In addition to ads for $ 1 paid version, games built a grenade icon removal props, the props can be randomly selected word for re-election, can eliminate section useless options when you guess Word letters. Grenades by the in-game gold, gold coins, you can guess the Word can also be paid by the in-game purchase. Brush color is easy to understand and Draw Something initial offers four brush color, while more than 50 colors can be purchased.

And finally, there is a small problem, accounting logic. Draw Something accounts are created after entering the game, needs a back-end user database, including the email address, user name, and password, and access Facebook platform, Facebook account login is automatically registered a Draw Something account with Facebook is bound. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

Is in need of attention, Draw Something logical is not without vulnerabilities. Because the core of the game is that in 12 States that the letter into the right words, so from a technical point of view, with exhaustive method is the easiest. This makes the core gameplay was soon challenged, such as NetEase youdao launched the word search for Draw Something. This makes the game seem easier, but like all plug in history, at the same time reducing the difficulty of the game, also accelerated game of life runs out. Let alone one-on-one games write directly in Word-brush – and believe me, this happened in history.

OK, at this point, you already know you want to copy the information necessary to Draw Something, the rest of it is your product what else more suitable for the Chinese market on the basis of ideas that could be added to this.

Of course, maybe before you do, or want to see how pioneer in domestic developers did.


Second, a comprehensive comparison: with the draw of the draw I guess you guess

Clear show Draw Something present in two major country acts of the draw I guess you and the drawing of guess products, laboratory testing.

Test time: April 12, 2012 to 20:00

Test environment: China Telecom broadband +IEEE 802.1 300M commercial 20M WiFi YSL Galaxy S5 Case

Test device: iPhone4 (i0S5.1)

Test object: the Draw of Something (the control group) of the draw I guess you \ \ the painting of guess

A test project:

1, game flow

2, game start up

3, get random players speed

4 usability and BUG issues in the running program


All projects are running three times average


Lab Draw Something of Lei feng's Chinese disciples Lab Draw Something of Lei feng's Chinese disciples

Can call the finished version of the draw I guess you

Of the draw I guess you came from a man named Duncan Lu developer, the developer in the App store, there are a number of reading applications, in contrast, not many developers of the technology. Of the draw I guess you set exactly the same interface and Draw Something, even the UI didn't modify brush color (in the figure below are different colors because the editor has bought color package), only changes the text characters.

Lab Draw Something of Lei feng's Chinese disciples

Of the draw I guess you do not have account system, users first enter the application automatically assigns a number to an account can be changed in the settings and add the email address, there is no password, there is no account in the background. Access user communities in the future will be in trouble. In this drawing and Word process can share to Sina weibo – sharing button and there is no obvious signs and tips.

The biggest feature is that of the draw I guess you, Word process, is guess by user input Chinese characters, not Draw Something like alternative combinations.

Lab Draw Something of Lei feng's Chinese disciples

In terms of program optimization, the start of the draw I guess you slow, and in the process of testing, players often automatically empty the list, but the Flash recovery again after a few seconds. Of the draw I guess you reviews in the App store has many players reflect the Flash back, but does not occur in the testing process.

Lei feng's lab during the testing process launched more than 30 games, has not encountered the legendary "great God-level" hand painted, of course, Draw Something in the test time is not met. Of the draw I guess you find random users the time gap, some nearly ten seconds, generated some moments, but there have been multiple clicks random but could not find the user's situation. This experience less Draw Something (to find random users more stable, on average, 4 seconds without fail).

Differences more obvious draw of guess

Since the developers to participate in the drawing of guess 4.7 Developer Day, so small they know is relatively, relatively rich experience in game development, 3 guess development drawing people spend 3 weeks out. Redesigned the UI of the draws guess, paper-cut style, and uses a square-cut fonts-I do not know whether this font has been authorized. Move the brush color choice to the bottom of the screen, and use a crayon shape of UI. Pen thickness selection UI also made his own design. Overall style with Chinese characteristics.

Lab Draw Something of Lei feng's Chinese disciples

The account system and Draw of the draw guess Something similar available mailbox registration, or bound Sina weibo account. If it is the latter landing the painting guess will read micro-blog mutual powder on the user lists. But in tests, test mutual powder object does not have a Twitter account has been registered with the painting of guessing, seems, after all, is on the shelves soon, needs further promotion.

The painting of guess guess word process and Draw Something like is a combination of alternative answers. The painting guess is composed of selected words to spell the word. This method is feasible in certain words, have some playability. But some of the words you do not need to draw directly from the alternative words to guess. This is related to the characteristics of Chinese language. This led to the painting of guessing the future of gameplay may be limited.

In terms of program optimization, the painting of guess perform better, start and Draw Something similar, but the upload drawing videos and play guess the word video, its reaction speed is slightly slower than Draw Something. In his comments in the App store, most players think the application is stable, but in the process of testing a Flash back.

In tests, the painting of guess the same outstanding paintings does not appear, but the application has set a list of excellent works, showing some excellent work – clearly, compared with top foreign works still have a gap, but the idea is to encourage advanced users. The painting guess random player gets the process very smooth, measured average time was faster than the Draw Something for a second, does not appear to get failed or timed out.

Lab Draw Something of Lei feng's Chinese disciples

Comparing the two, the products of the paint guess sincerity and maturity really is better than you, I guess. But if developed in the domestic market, and add a suitable for domestic users of "micro-innovation", the painting of guess there are plenty of places for improvement.


Three related to Draw Something, other designers

In fact, Draw Something I'm afraid I can't draw as founder of guess the word game. Early in 2009, renren open platform used to access a social game, are drawing to guess the word. But the application is a game mode, a picture can be used by many people to guess the word, guessing to get rewards. This social game after several months of operation game fully occupied by brush players and players unable to make normal painting games, games come to an end. This game out of all networks, specific situation is now difficult to find.

2011 App store popularity over time graffiti guess the movie game. From its entertainment and the player, as a stand-alone version in specific areas is Draw Something.

Lab Draw Something of Lei feng's Chinese disciples

And Draw Something just became popular soon, Tencent on March 31 on line a of the guess, but several hours after the website was not accessible. Insiders said the application may simply be Tencent technology products. Information gained from the exposure of a few hours, the game play of the guess and Draw Something, but the way the word is used assembled phonetic alphabet. And, of course, access to the QQ friends.

Lab Draw Something of Lei feng's Chinese disciples

In addition, Draw Something product ideas come from "performance" and "guess the meaning of" interactive, at the starting point, Draw Something is not the only way. BuckShot is a social chess application, but to occupy the square on the Board, need to play within the home conform to the grid text describes the contents of the picture – the most appropriate source of these pictures are me and shoot. In order to prevent the meaning of words and pictures, and all in the same game, players can vote into a checkerboard of pictures. The idea is good, but as a social game, rules are too complex. No grade of this app in the App store in China, also not found on media-related presentations and recommendations.


Four, the next evolution

Draw Something Chinese disciples, still hasn't happened. With respect to Draw Something on the server interact with English-speaking players relatively high-end players, but the entire market can tap. Application classes Draw Something, the improvement is likely to appear more domestic products within six months.

Lei feng's network laboratory believe that after its use in the guess of them were selected, is a good game, as opposed to text selection or independent input, pinyin is easier to control, and as a result sounds like reason, could stir more interesting painting.

Taken together, the classes Draw Something Chinese disciples, if the birth of a leader should possess the following characteristics:

1, multiple-user access. Each platform is now open under the environment of third-party interface, allows users to completely be free bindings include several micro-blog, number of SNS platform, major game company platform account, friends list, its meaning is self-evident, not only to attract more users, but also can extend the product life and increase user activity.

2, for random users to this play, can be combined with LBS features. For understanding each other's players can provide additional means of communication--this is obviously widely welcome by the Chinese players.

3, to guess the word process of diversification. Instead of studying spelling or spelling pinyin is more suitable for users, rather than opening up the two groups can be freely chosen by the user is to spell words or phonetic group, and there is no technical barriers. But for independent input ... ... This is not a clear prospect of playing. The reason is simple, if in the course of the game to bring up the input panel, there will be a substantial proportion of the players directly out of the game, experience a very unfriendly.

4, excellent program optimization. This is a necessary condition. Have to say Draw Something as an application of video and data transmission function of the optimization level.

These are laboratories to Draw Something Chinese disciple of Lei feng's research, after reading it, you have the confidence to do a green Chinese disciples now?


Xinjiang Phantom 3 Professional

1516 votes

YSL Galaxy S5 Case

Xinjiang Phantom 3 Professional

We know that large parts of Xinjiang in the civilian UAV market but occupies a very large share of Xinjiang also continued to introduce new products, the most popular is the big frontier spirit series, today we want to share experience is the big frontier of the latest Elf 3 unmanned.

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The most pleasant of cameras automatically record the beauty in life

  All memorable things in life, we all want to leave some images to remember. The peculiar camera Kiba, precisely to those who are always ready.

  In fact, the most memorable moments in life are natural emergencies, you are too late to record. Kiba can all photograph and automatically filters out most moments should be retained.

  To do this, Kiba has a very amazing Joy Ranking algorithm. You can decorate it any nice place at home. Once it's through the dynamic interaction and speech recognition to be worth a shot, will immediately activate the camera and start shooting. At the end of the day, Kiba algorithm to sort out the most memorable moment of 5, to save the video.

The most pleasant of cameras: automatically record the beauty in life

  It is worth mentioning that, Kiba can be activated by voice. You can control the switch, let it take pictures or record and save video after 30 seconds.

  Kiba priced at 199 dollars. Price was second, the key is, can it really be so accurate? Valentino i6 plus case

Valentino i6 plus case

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New research materials absorb sunlight during the day release heat at night

  Today, solar energy in the overall energy structure of man has become a very important part, scientists are looking at more effective ways to store solar energy, and used at night or cloudy. Now, a new material can achieve such results. Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus

  Recently, the research team from Massachusetts Institute of hair can be used in glass and transparent polymer film on the clothes and other surfaces, this polymer membranes capable of storing solar energy, and the heat released when necessary.

New research: materials absorb sunlight during the day release heat at night

  Imagine, no matter how cold the day we were at home only wearing the clothes, there is no need to fiddle with air conditioning, heating and so on. Or a piece of film on the windshield can be the next day, the day before the absorption of solar energy is used to melt the frost on the car.

  From the University of Toronto Ted Sargent was not involved in the study, however, in an interview when he said: "this study energy harvesting and a single store puts an exciting way to this innovative and very unique. " Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus

  Many solar energy storage plans will focus on energy is converted to electric energy and storing power in order to achieve the objective of saving electricity. However, researchers developed this method using a chemical reaction, which is generated by heat rather than electricity. The researchers said, in this way, energy can be kept indefinitely in a stable molecular structure until it was ready to put it to use.

  The key to this process is a way to maintain stable molecule in the two structures, sunlight can make it into a long period of "charge" mode, and then for another kind of stimulation, such as light, heat, electricity and so on, turning it into the "not charging" State after release heat during the entire process as a result.

Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus

  The solar fuel had already been developed, but the new method is based on a solid state polymers to realize for the first time instead of liquid, this has also led to its field of application is different. A more important point is that it is based on the inexpensive materials and a wide range of manufacturing, in other words, this approach is very low, and mass production is not the problem.

  It is understood that the researchers will be to further improve the existing research, they want to know the slight yellow polymer, and 10 ℃ temperature increases to 20 degrees centigrade. The first area of application of the study may be electric, it can significantly reduce the power used for heating in low temperature, the car mileage can be extended.

  At present, the research results have been published in the professional journal of advanced energy materials.

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