Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Traveler’s Guide to the iPhone Solar Charger

The iPhone is one of the most versatile and innovative gadgets ever invented today. It’s the hi-tech version of the Swiss army knife, it can play mp3 files, organize your schedule play videos, surf the internet, it can handle almost every type of computer technology related activities anytime, anywhere because it’s also portable. For many people with a higher taste for living, this is one indispensable piece of equipment. The problem is, as a device with a limited power source, its usefulness is strictly limited with its battery life. Fortunately, modern science and Mother Nature has provided us the means to solve this dilemma, a perpetual energy source, the sun. Yes, it’s called the iPhone Solar Charger.
iPhone Solar Charger
iPhone Solar Charger

Solar energy has developed into a reliable power source in recent years. Now the iPhone Solar Charger is harnessing that same technology so would never have to worry about your iPhone running out of juice again. The charger utilizes a state of the art I-ion battery and a solar panel that can carry an output of 5.5V at 100 mAh in a sunny day. Meaning a full charge to your iPhone can last for almost one day before refilling it up next morning.

The charger comes in different colors and accessories like a belt clip so you can carry it around and a traditional USB cable in case you have to charge and the sun is nowhere in sight. The iPhone Solar Charger is a very useful companion if you happen to be traveling in different places or stuck in a remote one. No need to find a computer in the middle of nowhere in case you run out of juice on your next trip. Just pull out your iPhone Solar Charger; move out to a sunny area and after a few minutes, your iPhone is ready to be abused again. Now that’s very convenient.

To add, you never have to worry about your electric bills again. Solar Energy is completely free, clean and renewable. If the iPhone Solar Charger has any quirks, it’s that it can’t charge your phone at night or while it’s raining outside. Other than that, it’s a welcome addition to electronic gadgets today. Imagine a laptop harnessing energy from the sun; you will never have to need to find that blasted electric socket in the middle of your next camping trip.

There is simply nothing that we cannot do with some witty and imaginative mind. It seems to always get us out of tight spots like help us prepare for further progress in the future.
iPhone 5 Solar Charger
iPhone 5 Solar Charger

With release of iPhone 5, there are also iPhone 5 Solar Charger available from They come with black, white, red, blue and green, five colors.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Michael Kors iPhone Case

Michael Kors wristlet and wallets are made of the finest materials to guarantee you the best products for your money. What you can expect when purchasing his products: Quality MK signature satin fabric lining, quality fabric or leather, gold-toned clips or hardware, removable straps, inside slots of credit cards, slip pockets for receipts and zipper compartments to hold cash and change. Michael Kors accessories make wonderful gifts too.

There are a few really great Michael Kors iPhone cases available. As soon as they hit the stores we will put them up ASAP and to make 100% sure you aren't missing them.

1. Michael Kors Jet Set Apple iPhone
Because the iPhone cases from the designer Michael Kors are not yet available we are showing 100% authentic iPhone models for the original iPhone 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. This is a handcrafted iPhone case. Very high quality genuine leather with the option to be put into a stand mode if you want to watch video's. Very portable, very good protection and very fashionable.
Michael Kors Wallet Case
Michael Kors Wallet Case

2. Cool Funky Lime Green Case
Cool funky lime green iPhone Case by Michael Kors. If you don't like the lime it's also available in Navy, Purple, Red, Tangerine and Turquoise. Nice logo plate right on the front. You'll be looking the part at the local Starbucks.
Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Travel Wallet Yellow

Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Travel Wallet Yellow

3. iPhone Michael Kors Case
Gorgeous case of coated canvas. There is a polished gold plated logo on the front and the details of this case are great. Double zipper closure and soft suede lining. The padding will absorb minor shocks and leave your iPhone unscratched.
Michael Kors iPhone Case
Michael Kors iPhone Case
4. Universal Smart Phone Case by Michael Kors
Logo embossed leather case with a frontside gold detail. This case is fully lined and padded with a two way zipper for easy accessability. A gorgeous case for iPhone that any girl would love to receive. Be fashionable and wrap your baby in the leading American Designers case.

5. Designer Michael Kors iPhone 4 Case
This is a fashionable case by leading American Designer Michael Kors. There is only one of them left in stock as it's a very popular item. The snakeskin embossed leather adds a real luxurious hide to your iPhone that will protect it from the daily wear and tear. It is also perfectly usable as a stand to watch movies on your iPhone.

I very much hope this leading American fashion designer will quickly release a case but in the mean time all you can do is wait. If you are looking for iPhone 5 cases take a look at this page. I've put the very best of available Michael Kors cases up to give you an idea what they look like, how gorgeous they are and of what incredible quality materials they are. They are a whole other ballgame then most cases you see around the Starbucks. Unfortunately right now an exact release date is unknown. Bookmark to check back, this page gets updated asap when they hit the stores.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Louis Vuitton iPhone Case

Louis Vuitton or LV is at it once again with prime designer cases for the iPhone 5. These Louis Vuitton iPhone 5 cases are challenging, fashionable, luxurious and protective just like earlier Louis Vuitton cases. The cases also come in different versions; pouch, wallet, gold frame and gold logo cases.

These Louis Vuitton cases featured under while difficult usually do not provide comprehensive protection to the iPhone 5. For anyone who is a "Louis Vuitton fan" looking for anything challenging, luxurious and appealing then this is the case for you personally. These cases have difficult covers which homes the iPhone 5. Some cases have rounded holes at the back which displays the Apple logo on the iPhone 5. Essentially the most recognizable could be the gold finish LV monogram at the back on the case. This really is what primarily brings to the interest of people concerning the sort of case you're utilizing on the iPhone 5.
Louis Vuitton iPhone Case
Louis Vuitton iPhone Case

Louis Vuitton is all about design, luxury and design. That is definitely what these featured Louis Vuitton cases present; good design and style along with a luxury feel.

Louis Vuitton is a extensively recognized brand that people really like. Folks have a tendency to be inquisitive after they see other people with an item well-known and of costly worth. That is what these LV monogram cases will do.

Apple iPhone 5 is among the top smartphones on the planet along with the LV brand could be the world's most luxury brand since 2006. So a mixture of two merchandise in a single implies you might be on top rated of luxury beyond your imagination and people with LV cases can testify to the praises they've received from close friends and strangers about the mixture of an iPhone 5 as well as a Louis Vuitton case.

They come in the Damier Azur Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas and obviously, the tried and tested Monogram canvas case that Louis Vuitton is just so well-known for, and inside each case is actually a microfiber interior so you may not have to worry about scratching your iPhone. It's also slim adequate that it ought to match your pocket with ease, while if you're going to put on that Armani suit we're guessing you'll in all probability desire to slip it into your jacket pocket rather.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Luxury iPhone Cases: LV, GUCCI and Burberry

Louis Vuitton or LV is at it again with top designer cases for the iPhone 5. These Louis Vuitton iPhone 5 cases are tough, fashionable, luxurious and protective just like earlier Louis Vuitton cases. The cases also come in diverse versions; pouch, wallet, gold frame and gold logo cases.
GUCCI iPhone 5 Case
GUCCI iPhone 5 Case

The GUCCI iPhone cases also featured beneath even though really hard usually do not present substantial protection towards the iPhone 5. For anyone who is a "GUCCI fan" searching for some thing tough, luxurious and appealing then that is the case for you. These cases have challenging covers which houses the iPhone 5. Some cases have rounded holes in the back which displays the Apple logo around the iPhone 5. One of the most recognizable may be the gold finish GUCCI GG pattern logo in the back from the case. That is what primarily brings towards the consideration of people regarding the variety of case you're employing on the iPhone 5.

Another luxury brand is Burbery, Burberry is all about design and style, luxury and design. That is what these featured Burberry iPhone cases present; great style as well as a luxury really feel.
Burberry iPhone 5 Case
Burberry iPhone 5 Case

Burbery is really a widely recognized brand that people really like. Men and women tend to become inquisitive after they see other people with an item well-known and of pricey value. That's what these LV monogram cases will do.

Apple iPhone 5 is one of the leading smartphones in the world and the LV brand will be the world's most luxury brand considering that 2006. So a combination of two solutions in one particular signifies you will be on top rated of luxury beyond your imagination and men and women with LV cases can testify to the praises they've received from good friends and strangers regarding the combination of an iPhone 5 as well as a Louis Vuitton case.

They come in the Damier Azur Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas and needless to say, the attempted and tested Monogram canvas case that Louis Vuitton is just so well-known for, and inside every case is really a microfiber interior so you might not have to worry about scratching your iPhone. It?¡¥s also slim adequate that it need to fit your pocket with ease, despite the fact that if you're going to put on that Armani suit we?¡¥re guessing you'll most likely would like to slip it into your jacket pocket as an alternative.

Lovely Paul Frank iPhone Flip Case

Most shoppers get iPhone cases merely because they believe that it's the simplest method to defend their Apple iPhone. They select their iPhone case in line with basis of their most favorite colour, way of life, appearance or the present-day industry trends. Presently, you will locate numerous forms of cases accessible for sale. There's vast number of kinds, colour, look and design. Apple also sell their own cases but they are seriously expensive. Luckily, it is possible to pick the cases from a lot of other makers. Alternatively, it might be tough to choose a case from a great number of selections.

You'll be seeking good quality safeguard for the iPhone. Getting the perfect case should be your intention. Under no circumstances make determination only by looking distinct web sites. Take into consideration your life style and function, make dicision determined by that. In the following element, I will introduce iPhone cases from various aspects. That would allow you to make selection.

Material for iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases have already been produced from a wide variety of components. Every single single material has its personal advantages and disadvantages.

Silicon- The cases create from silicon are particularly soft and versatile. The exceptional function of silicon cases would be the polished finishing which presents eye-catching appear and style. In addition, it protects your iPhone from scratches. It seriously is firm and simple to grip. There are many colors accessible inside the industry. Nevertheless, it get becomes promptly untidy.
Paul Frank iPhone Flip Case
Paul Frank iPhone Flip Case

Leather- Within this kind of cases, the style varies from sophisticated to funky. You might locate distinctive varieties of leathers utilized for the case. Which is among the list of most high priced of all the cases. Most of them are flip cases or wallet cases. They often use cartoon pictures to decorate the cover, including Hello Kitty and Paul Frank iPhone case.

Aluminum- These may possibly be lightweight but additionally serve as exceptional physique protector. They may be difficult than quite a few of the supplies.

Plastic Cases- Additionally they come with selection of designs and style. Polycarbonate plastic will probably be the primary material employed in finishing in the answer. This could be the least high-priced of every single from the cases. Even so, they offer least protection amongst the supplies.

Decide on a Suitable iPhone Case

As discussed above, you'll be able to pick the case according to your life style. You've to match your iPhone case with each other with your character. I'm mentioning some criterion to refine your search.

Workplace Environment- If the majority of your perform involve staying at workplace or you mostly get leisure time via your workplace hours then you definitely definitely can select case which can be slim and look eye-catching. These cases present basic protection for the phone. Nevertheless, your phone will stay protected inside the safety of one's pocket or handbag. If you would like good influence, then you definitely certainly can select aluminum or brushed steel material.

Outdoor- If most of your perform demands spending time outdoors, then you surely ought to pick rugged case. The rugged case will give ultimate protection to your iPhone. There are materials readily available which present waterproof and shockproof facility. You'll be able to pick silicon and really hard steel cases for such variety of function.

Sport Types- Your case rely around the sport you play. Any time you favor swimming, then waterproof case might be the greatest for you personally personally. Among other sports, you'll be capable of pick tough case which avoids scratches and supply protection to your telephone. You could possibly have some different life style, but opt accordingly. It's not necessary to obtain just 1, you will get additional also.

By following towards the above recommendations, it is possible to be assured of getting the excellent iPhone case.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cath Kidston iPhone 5 Case

Cath Kidston iPhone Case
Cath Kidston iPhone 5 Case
In the present instances, the significance of iPhones has elevated on a sizable scale and it truly is as a result of the fact that the smartphone is just not only excessively well-known within teenagers, but also inside adults in distinct components in the globe. The trend of working with the smartphone has developed over time and now folks can be seen to be employing it everywhere, every day. Due to the truth that an iPhone and any other phone is rather delicate and has to be taken care of, telephone cases were invented to be able to have scratchless phones at all times. Not simply do the iPhones remain scratchless, men and women also can avoid them from finding broken thoroughly.

Cath Kidston iPhone 5 case is amongst the finest lately and folks might be noticed to be getting them in abundance. This can be due to the fact that the cases are completely attractive and economical for any individual and everybody. Men and women mostly go for costly cases, nevertheless they end up becoming rather disappointed as the cases tend to break open. The Cath Kidston iPhone case is well-known for becoming sturdy and fairly significantly usable in the each day routine. On account of the sudden rise within the demand of iPhone cases, individuals now appear forward to attain very good ones, especially of an excellent brand. Several brands are obtainable in the marketplace, however the majority of them tend to become very costly. As a result, to be able to get the most effective deal, people are suggested to conduct a healthful quantity of analysis on the web because it the the only approach to come across good phone covers that are pretty trendy and are vogue within the present occasions. Not simply can people attain very good covers, but additionally obtain them while maintaining their price range and range in mind.

The truth that iPhone cases are quite exceptional serves to become a main issue for folks to go for the Cath Kidston iPhone 5 case as it comes in different colors, patterns and types. Men and women can select their favorite telephone cover in accordance with what they like or favor within the 1st location. By way of acquiring the iPhone covers, not merely can individuals save their phones from finding ruined within the lengthy run but additionally provide a trendy look to their iPhones constantly. The excellent portion about having an iPhone case is the fact that the phone becomes instantaneously secure and also appears rather attractive, which is what the majority of the individuals aim for nowadays.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hello Kitty iPhone 5 Cases

Hello Kitty iPhone cases could be a great technique to indicate off your distinctive model. Each of those grown ups and youngsters like making their iPhones customized with showy and gallant handles and cases. Hello Kitty iPhone cases not merely may possibly make your cellular phone appear very desirable but in addition can defend your cellphone display screen from hurt.
Hello Kitty iPhone Case
Hello Kitty iPhone Case

With each of the launch together with the iPhone 5, the necessity for brand spanking new and improved cases has grown to become rather evident, and also you just could be shocked to uncover just the quantity of cases are actually provided on contemporary day industry. That remaining explained, let's talk about somewhat in regards towards the numerous iPhone 5 cases and also the way they could enable you out immensely in today's electronic whole world. You are going to come across a great deal of forms of case however the following we introduce numerous designs that could make it easier to obtaining the most powerful iPhone 5 case for your self.

It's achievable to rest specific that you'll find truly figures of Hello kitty iPhone cases within the existing market place thinking of the truth that Hello Kitty is well-liked about the world. iPhone 5 utilizes a case which will be taken off effortlessly and changed which has a new. It really is possible to substitute your outdated deal with any new Hello Kitty cases that meet up with your interest.

Additionally the detachable handles and cases, you can find in fact cases that slip on and snap in excess in the earlier case you are able to choose from. These variations supplied tricky plastic, vinyl, silicone, and leather-based cases. Essentially the most up-to-date design and style may be the silicone pores and skin covers. This kind of cases is on the market within a really massive collection of colours along with several Hello Kitty photographs. This sort of canopy can merely slide around your iPhone adequately. With this way, your iPhone might be really elegant around the overall appear. What is truly more, it may safe your iPhone concurrently.

With these great and beautiful Hello kitty handles and cases, your iPhone 5 will probably be as attractive when you can visualize! Should you will be tempted to those fancy covers, just choose a person for the cellular phone and revel in the pleased daily life.

You'll discover interactive iPhone cases which you'll be able to communicate with and acquire joy. Several of those iPhone cases have cartoon photos with which you are going to be capable of appreciate with. The nice instance may well quite nicely be the iPhone 5 case. Offered that the amazing consultant from the cartoon photographs, the lovable Stitch is as welcome as getting the Hello Kitty at the same time as Winnie. The highlight for this Sew iPhone case is constantly that it entirely will take the style on the Stitch, the pair of enormous and absence eyes, two protruded ears plus the arched head. In search of at within the back once more, the Stitch case seems like a toy. So as soon as your iPhone 5 is coated that has a case like this, it may be an uncomplicated focus on in the minimal young young children. They have a tendency to take it to become a fantastic toy and transfer the ears around the Stitch.