Monday, February 29, 2016

Generation of urine urine strong significance

Generation of urine: urine strong significance

In the past few centuries, human urine has been used to refine white phosphorus, making gunpowder, making traditional Chinese medicine guiding drug ... ... Today, the University of the West of England once again turn corruption into magic-----urine into electricity.

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School encourages students and faculty more toilets to support his invention's urine generator.

Production team said the urine generator using Microbe power, used in microbial fuel cells made from bacteria to the urine as a nutrient source. This cheap and environmentally friendly ways to produce electricity for poor areas, significant: night power led not lighting easily in the public toilets of robbery and sexual assault incidents.

The project developed jointly by the University of the West of England and Oxfam, set up a public toilets cost about £ 600. Disney case


Information: Oxfam

Oxfam (Oxfam) is an international development and humanitarian non-governmental organizations, 1942 by Theodore Richard Milford thammasat priest (1896-1987) in the United Kingdom at Oxford was founded, formerly known as United Kingdom Oxford hunger Rescue Committee (Oxford Committee for Famine Relief). Founding aims of transporting food to the blockade by the allies in World War II Nazi Germany occupied Greece. In 1963, Canada established its first overseas branch. In 1965 changed to cable address "OXFAM" as the name.

Lumia 940XL

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Lumia 940XL

Lumia 940XL as Microsoft Windows 10 ultimate models will be equipped with mycophenolate mofetil 810 processor, with 3GB memory and 32GB storage space, 20 million + 5 million before and after camera configuration and 2K screen meaning 940XL will become the next generation of hardware monster, while supporting the 3D interactive is its unique highlights. Disney iPhone 5s case

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tesla s third quarter shipments 11 580 Thomas g satisfied with it

  Beijing morning news on October 3, Tesla data showed on Friday, 11,580 vehicles in automobile shipments in the third quarter, in line with the objectives of the company. This week, Tesla's CEO Yilong·masike (Elon Musk) also delivered the first SUV Model x.

  Tesla is the preliminary data released, at the time the company reports third-quarter earnings may also be adjusted. Relative to the same period last year, Tesla car shipments in the third quarter of this year grew by 49%. The company forecast in August this year, in the in the quarter ending September 30, automobile shipments and 11,532 units in the second quarter.

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Tesla's third-quarter shipments 11,580 Thomas g satisfied with it

  Tesla is needed to speed the delivery, to achieve the annual sales target of referrals, that is 50,000. First 9 months of the year, Tesla's auto shipments was 33,157. This means that the last quarter of this year, Tesla 16,843 delivery is required to meet the minimum target for the year. At present, the Tesla has two all-electric cars for sale, Model x and Model s.

  Tesla was scheduled to go on sale in 2013 Model x. In 2012, Tesla unveiled the car concept vehicle. Mr MASKEY then referred to, production of the Model x faced a number of challenges, such as vertical opening of the "Eagle wing", the independent regulation of the second row of seats, as well as the panoramic windscreen. These components of the project are very difficult, and you need to rely on component suppliers.

  On September 29, Thomas g delivers the first 6 x Model. He won the first. Venture capitalists, Tesla Board Member shidifu·youerweisong (Steve Jurvetson) won the second. Sources said, the fourth one is Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin). Moschino Samsung Galaxy case Moschino Samsung Note3 case

  Mr MASKEY said Friday, after the Conference, Tesla has seen significant growth in the volume of orders. His activities in SolarCity said Tesla had feared that orders will affect the Model s Model x needs. But some users to access the Tesla Web site found that delivery waiting time up to 1 year of Model x, so buying Model s.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

This design is very ill but did not appear to be any x

This design is very ill but did not appear to be any x

  Kango is Suzuki school Took University of Art and Design, the wooden clock is graduation exhibition of his works. He called the name of the clock "Plock", in order to complete this work, he designed, produced more than 400 pieces of wooden parts.

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  These components through a series of mechanical motion, every minute, "wooden arms" on the magnetic drawing board automatically "writing" time. On February 7, the Kango Suzuki wooden clocks introduction video has been uploaded to Twitter quickly gained more than 170,000 times forward. Moschino Note 3 Case

  All wooden parts are designed and sculpted Kango, this is a very difficult task, he has lived through many a sleepless night, but engraving is not the most difficult, "the most difficult part is to reduce friction between the wooden parts, after all, are you going to make them work. "Kango says.

  When asked when making experience, Kango joked, "in the process of making, when you feel tired and have to go to bed! " Moschino Galaxy case

  This work of art will be on display at the University's graduation work exhibition.

This design is very ill but did not appear to be any x This design is very ill but did not appear to be any x

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Japan design Smart wardrobe automatically organize clothing

  With the advancement of technology, all sorts of things are intelligent. Smartphone, smart bike, watch, smart cars, smart rings, and smart necklaces. Can you think of? Perhaps the answer is a smart closet.

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Japan design Smart wardrobe – automatically organize clothing

  Recently, Matsushita and Japan's largest builders and housing has developed a Smart wardrobe, which was held in Tokyo Japan high-tech fair exhibition. In fact, this Smart wardrobe Daiwa House by Panasonic and is defined as a "robot". Its name is laundroid. At the fair, some shows--such as the staff puts a white shirt in the closet and so on, just to put it in there without any wasted motion, do not even need to press any switch, wardrobe will automatically place it neatly.

Japan design Smart wardrobe – automatically organize clothing

  However, many said they do not believe that this was actually created--for example, arrange for someone to put it ahead in the closet folded. But the product's designers said: all this is true, is not created by any means.

Japan design Smart wardrobe – automatically organize clothing

  According to scientific calculations, Japan housewife finish wardrobe for the family in the life of the average accumulation of up to 9,000 hours, approximately 375 days work. If there is such a Smart wardrobe, then this 9,000 hours mothers are used to do a lot of things they want to do. Disney case

  Indeed, the mother worked hard for our life, if they see the closet is a mess, they turn to for us to pick up the unconscious--had to admit is that many young people usually will not bother to organize the closet, especially the boys. In order to let our mother to be less hard, in addition to pack their own room, perhaps the robot was also a good choice.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cortana is coming to Xbox One tune cheats let her appearance

  It is clear that Microsoft is trying to let Cortana came to mark all Microsoft platforms, including the Xbox One. Cortana version hosts by name will not be on line until next year, but it is already lurking in your Xbox One. GUCCI iPhone 6 Plus Case

Cortana is coming to Xbox One tune cheats let her appearance

  A player accidentally discovered how to open in the existing version of Cortana: you only need to open the settings panel, the cursor up one square and then press a key several times as well. This way of activating a little taste of egg, perhaps Microsoft intends for it.

  Xbox Cortana contrast version One Windows version 10 will add some specific functions, but "enter cheats" out of Cortana function is relatively primitive, such as voice calls, calendar, news, and so on.

  If all goes well, players will be able to achieve in the future using Cortana to invite friends to join the group, eliminating many operation problems. In addition, it also has more exclusive features.

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GUCCI iPhone 6+

Monday, February 1, 2016

To get Blizzard halted the Web version of the star plan

  Remember last month when earlier this month we reported on the website version of StarCraft development plans? You probably don't look forward to it for a short time to complete, because it had recently been a Blizzard of "death". Hello Kitty case

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To get Blizzard halted the Web version of the star plan

  Developers Ryuta using HTML5, hoping to make a browser to run StarCraft based early, it makes it easier to recall classic. Completion of the game is not low, although units cannot be placed, but it will be like to play together. However, Ryuta admits its material from the original, Blizzard noted that the chance is low.

  Sure enough, recent copyright requirements from Blizzard, Ryuta GitHub removed all information and material, makes development impossible. Hello Kitty iPhone case

  For such an outcome, said Ryuta is understandable, but there is dissatisfaction with the "remove related content and copyright I can accept, but they should not have removed the entire plan. I write the JavaScript code, it has no power to even these files are also removed. "Ryuta said he wanted to GitHub to back these files will, but also said it would be very difficult.

  Good news is, Ryuta said he will continue on his personal website in the near future the plan. But in the code have all been lost now, look forward to more players will have to wait for a long time.

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