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Deserved the flagship name of JBL Everest 700 Elite headset review

  JBL has introduced the latest Everest wireless headset product line, covering the ear, ear and ear type. Their flagship is the combination of stylish design and cutting-edge technology. We've seen a lot of in-ear earphones review, that today is the flagship for JBL's latest wireless Everest 700 Elite package ears wireless headset to start.

  Appearance and design

Valentino iPhone 6s cases

Deserved the flagship name of JBL Everest 700 Elite headset review

  Everest 700 Elite appearance, with a soft adjustable beam. Although the overall sense of plastic is very heavy, but the surface material is slippery, the overall feeling is actually good. In addition to headphones in the box outside the body, and micro-USB charging cable, 3.5mm headphone jack cable, quick start guide, as well as a download with the description of the application.

  700 hidden Elite is a 40mm driver, frequency range from 10 Hz to 22 kHz. Its sensitivity is 99 dB@1 kHz, up to 1 mW. In addition, it also equipped with 14 dB 4.1 microphone, Bluetooth protocol. Built-in lithium-ion battery can provide up to 25 hours of play time. Of course, if you open Active noise, battery life will drop to 15 hours.

  As most of the Bluetooth headset that, 700 Elite also has a concise and easy to understand physical button layout. Press the control switch to the right of and active noise reduction, is the play/pause and volume controls on the left of it.

  Bluetooth performance

Deserved the flagship name of JBL Everest 700 Elite headset review

  700 Elite there is no doubt that the main Bluetooth wireless listening experience, but cables is no problem. Let it match and an Android phone, you can feel very stable connection. Even in your cell phone behind a few after the wall, the sound quality is equally clear and smooth. 700 Elite seem to have built-in buffer to avoid when the phone suddenly encounter a few problems, causing disruption to the music. However need to be aware of is that when headset close to a very busy (like someone hanging on download) Wi-Fi router, you will hear a faint popping sound.

  Sound quality and call

Deserved the flagship name of JBL Everest 700 Elite headset review

  Since it is a JBL flagship flagship products in the market, 700 Elite voice is not bad. This product gives the impression of a deep, high fidelity sound, both in the high frequency, medium frequency and low frequency performance is true. The amount of low frequency is not enough, but is balanced on the whole. High frequency performance amazing, sound is very clear. Separation good headphones, you can distinguish between instruments.

  Funny thing is, while 700 Elite has a built-in microphone, also supports telephone answering, but JBL does not see it as one of its product feature, presumably not paid much attention to. Because of this, how to realize the answer may take users to toss. In fact, you only need to press the play button on the line. But even so, 700 Elite telephone answering performance is also very good, neither side has an echo and noise in the test sound was very clear.

  Wearing comfort Valentino iPhone 6s cases

  700 Elite is one of the biggest attractions is the ear-muffs. Ear muffs special ergonomic design, washer can completely encase the ears, leaving no gaps. So listeners can get a more comfortable experience and better sound effects. 700 Elite is very suitable for long wear. Surprising is that even "without leaving gaps", wearing a long time is not too much sweat.

  Active noise reduction effect

Deserved the flagship name of JBL Everest 700 Elite headset review

  700 Elite with active noise reduction technology called "NXTGen ANC", the "next generation of active noise reduction". Its biggest feature is to let the listeners decide for themselves how much ambient noise. If you are wearing it out now, or waiting for the who to visit, you can reduce some of the noise.

  700 active noise reduction technology Elite is very effective, even if it is next to a vacuum cleaner at work or antique dishwasher, you will not hear the noise. However, even if the surroundings are quiet and also recommend appropriate to reduce the number of active noise levels, this can slow down some of the uncomfortable sense of closure.

  Worthy of mention are TruNote with application of Auto Sound Calibration (auto sound calibration) function. It can analysis the listener side of the sound environment, adjusting the ears on each side of the sound, in order to achieve the best results. Correction in just a few seconds.

  General comments

  JBL Everest 700 Elite can be seen fully worthy of its flagship location. The headphones designed simple, comfortable, excellent sound quality, noise reduction technology, and should say that JBL was pulled out all the stops in its possession. However, nearly 2000 Yuan price-not everyone can accept.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Breathe 3D print clothing

Netherlands designer Pauline van Dongen believes that fashion in desperate need of a revolution. In her view, the fashion industry is too concerned about inventory, no one has enough time to rethink the garment making process. This is van Dongen on her clothing, the use of emerging technologies for bold design and production reasons. OtterBox Galaxy S3 Case

Van Dongen recently trying to 3D printing, see if this technique allows clothing to become close, and people respond when you move. On her at this year's South by Southwest Conference elaborated on his test 3D prints of fashion, and 3D printing of clothing listed there are lots of things to do. But she hopes that your tests can inspire other designers to explore. OtterBox Galaxy S3 Case

Van Dongen is the latest demonstration of the concept of diagram below.

Sleeve design

Van Dongen's first attempt to use 3D printing technology to produce works of fashion is simple: she printed a sleeve. But she doesn't want a role only covered sleeve, her sleeves designed to be scalable form. Van Dongen one Objet Connex printer print the cuff more material. Sleeve by flexible, rubber-like materials and sturdy plastic.

Wear the cuff after effects

Van Dongen put cuff on the effects of cooperation with Paola Tognazzi and Ralph Zoontjens. She wants to make the cuff as men's movement, and she in a person's arm, mounted on the sensor, records of human movement. She then by Grasshopper software on the computer simulation of wear after the cuff, sleeve what. The end result is a cuff of the Visual presentation of multiple gestures, according to the movement of people to change the shape, for example, when dropping down if the wearer's arm, sleeve parts either expansion or contraction (as shown in the figure).

Elastic structure

Van Dongen's second Ruff 3D printing project is cooperation with the architect Behnaz Farahi. They wanted to use 3D printing technology to create a dynamic around the body, flexible physique. However, for 3D printing material is usually very stiff, very easy to break. In order to solve this problem, van Dongen and Farahi trying to print more like a spring and plastic body. These structures are more durable, more flexible.

Response of wearable clothing

Van Dongen and Farahi through cooperation with 3D Systems company's Studio in Los Angeles, making it "response-wearable clothes." Clothing-spring structure wrapped around the body, giving a moving through deep sea corals in the sea of beauty.

The science behind the movement

In order to make this dress up, van Dongen at the fashion pack made of nickel-titanium alloy springs. Nickel-titanium shape memory characteristics. At a certain temperature, nitinol will deform when heated to "temperature", it will recover. By nickel titanium spring on small wires, van Dongen can adjust temperature, let spring expansion or contraction. The effect is as if a "breathing organism" attached to the wearer's body.

OtterBox Galaxy S3 Case

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Apple TV (third generation)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

EverNote Bluetooth stylus launch support handwriting and touch

EverNote Evernote to bring you the latest in Bluetooth stylus stylus Jot Script,Adonit a new version of Evernote Edition, EverNote stylus specifically designed to complement its cloud application capture services and Penultimate. Both, iOS device can receive by far the most comprehensive digital notes to capture capabilities. Marc Jacobs iPad 2 case

Marc Jacobs iPad cases

EverNote touch, Bluetooth stylus, stylus EverNote

Jot Script Evernote Edition is a "hybrid stylus", means you can make numbers via Bluetooth connections, you can also record through a touch-screen-friendly interface.

EverNote touch, Bluetooth stylus, stylus EverNote

The device has a Jot Script SDK and Penultimate precision writing as its partner and its tip will also write 1.9mm "sharp" increase to the next level.

The Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus by Adonit Bluetooth 4.0, just one AAA battery can work. The latest version of the Penultimate can free download in the iTunes app store, with Jot complete Script SDK kit price of $ 74.95.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Big shock revelations of God Official iPhone 5S shell almost look like this

Apple released iPhone iPhone 5C and 5s in the autumn, in addition Apple iPhone 5s and 5C published a special protective case. In order to match the colorful iPhone 5C Apple introduced the hole cover. Special protective case for iPhone 5s are higher, more expensive leather protective case. According to the scientific editor Michael Andrew claimed, in fact, Apple's initial iPhone 5s and 5 designed this hole cover.

IPhone 5S official shell, iPhone 5S protective shell, iPhone 5S hole cover

Is selling the iPhone 5C holes are 7 rows behind shell holes, each row has 5 holes. IPhone 5s and 5 holes designed only 6 rows behind shell holes. In addition, iPhone 5s and 5-hole shell package is not used at the bottom of the design design. Of course, it is still unable to verify the authenticity of the photos, what do you think?

Hermes iPhone 6 Plus leather case

IPhone 5S official shell, iPhone 5S protective shell, iPhone 5S hole cover IPhone 5S official shell, iPhone 5S protective shell, iPhone 5S hole cover

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Next the narrative of the story is what

Next, the narrative of the story is what?

In the future, the means to enjoy the stories are no longer limited to watching a movie or listening to podcasts. You into the scene of the story itself, in a panoramic vision, with the help of technology, even smell reaction can experience slight dizziness feeling. Story is fresh, you can interrupt the dialogue, can experience the physical responses. Disney iPhone 5s case

Stereo Visual effects, depth perception and Vertigo new physiological reaction is vividly reflected in virtual reality video. Particularly worth mentioning is, at this year's Sundance Film Festival, film producers to show the audience a series of virtual reality experiences, audience reaction is different, everything never to fear. However, while the current hype about virtual reality can be seen everywhere, but only a few who actually experienced. If you're in New York, you should see the image Museum (MMI) Organization of Sensory Stories, it will change your perception of narrative.

Virtual reality is Sensory Stories to show part of the exhibition aims to show the latest narrative and communication technology. Other exhibits include the network of Lei feng was introduced to be able to smell a game Cube Games Google creative lab, synchronized with the plot of a movie on each side of the Rubik's cube, so by turning the hands of Rubik's cube, you can choose the way you want.

Overall, these cases mean passively listening to a story to active change. Such stories lead us into more interactive, more senses of the times, will be fully awakens the body and senses.

Next, the narrative of the story is what?

You will be free to fly

Birdly is perhaps the show's most sensational show. This is a fully virtual reality experience project, you fly over in Manhattan. You will be placed in a similar inverted on the dentist Chair, face down, waving in the plastic wings on hand. Mounted below the wings, forward face of the fan, can you flapping his arms, hand control directions help you to make sure about the direction, flying free in the open over New York.

Many people's instinctive reaction was after experiencing Birdly: put me down! In your mind, people around the Museum and disappeared, fans blowing winds will blow you away. This process needs to continue for some time, but once in flight, I promise not to let you free fall onto concrete ground, flight filled with poetic. Most of us have always fancied himself at some point in your life in the sky, this exhibition lets you stand in the place closest to the dream.

Evolution of Verse is a virtual reality movie, it evokes a similar feeling of flight. No narration in the film, horizons filled with miles of lakes and mountains. In this way more than I need to devote Birdly mild. After having enjoyed the Evolution of Verse, the moment when you get rid of virtual reality glasses, you are like an exceptionally beautiful dream woke up.

Next, the narrative of the story is what?

A strong resonance

Being one of the most discussed features of virtual reality technology is that it will put you in a scene in the movie characters like real people, not actors.

By FĂ©lix and Paul Studios collaborate on the quiet and beautiful scenery of the Herders (herdsmen), you may find that you can't help but try to keep quiet, so as not to disturb the Mongolian families ate dinner in silence. Another name for Clouds over Sidra (cidra clouds) documentary about the Jordan Syria refugees, most of them children. Sidra is a 12 year old narrator of documentary. Movies are you Sidra tent-like home, to school, to her and other children playing with rocks, muddy outdoors. When Sidra described her missing about Syria when, as well as when they set up residence in the camp, viewers would find it difficult not to resonate, you can feel there is such a man, trying to bring people to the other person.

Next, the narrative of the story is what?

You will become part of the Improv

Social change will bring change to the narrative type. We are in the process of narrative transition from single to systematic. In fact, Birdly is very close to the State of the game, the audience can control the direction of flight, or even avoid buildings. As games like Birdly, crashed into a skyscraper was possible.

No Birdly surprising Hidden Stories, stories of human experience is growing exponentially, and nonlinear growth. Dozens of images were drawn on the walls of the Museum, each equipped with a sensor behind the image. The other objects equipped with sensors placed on the image, you can unlock the audio information. Listeners can record their own pieces, and placed on the Web, the sensors on your hands, the information will be different.

This is a story about the future development of simple metaphors. Theme is still a single, specific, but it is a new interactive experience that brings people.

iPhone 5 Disney case

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Next, the narrative of the story is what?

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GoPro Hero+ LCD iPhone 5 Disney case

Prices, GoPro+ LCD position belongs to GoPro midrange between entry level between the Hero and the flagship Hero4 Silver. To 60 frame/s shooting 1080P video, supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for smart devices, maximum 40 m waterproof support microSD extension to 64GB Hero+ LCD bright spot, which means

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Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how old NET 18 years old

Microsoft measured the age of the Web site has recently been completely fire also broke a lot of people to play. Everyone wants to pass down cheat (? ) And see if we can tease out Microsoft's system.

So there was this:

Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old!

But the saddest thing is, obviously two people only a year old, but ... ...

Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old!

The brother is only 23, but Microsoft has ... ...

Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old!



Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old! Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old!

Wo was 18 years old, why did Microsoft hurt Wo.

So, how cutesy to make myself minute by age? Family friends have been prepared, just waiting for testing photos of 18 year old!

Louis Vuitton (LV) Note 3 Case

Of course, after 95 Lei feng's network of small series have this kind of problem, but as a small addendum to the benefit for everyone, after the recognition logic in Microsoft systems, or give you a 20-benefits! Guarantee of our lush young!

1. hide wrinkles!

Skin folds are important signs of aging, even though it is not a sufficient condition, but lines, Crow's feet or something face Act are aging killer.

Like Feng, looks good:


Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old!

2. tighten face! Only cannot pressure ... ...

The older, upper lip are more likely to get longer relaxation, lips drop, that is often said that the puppet line (mouth lines) longer; people's noses as they grow older and begin to appear relaxed.

Therefore, an appropriate expression can make you look younger.

On Quora like this experience.


Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old!

(Weak weak mention, usually have to pay attention to his facial expressions always frown makes more wrinkles. )

Look at before and after the President took office as cheating, you will know: Louis Vuitton (LV) Note 3 Case

Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old! Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old!

Obama: enough, don't run away from school!

3. surrounding scarf can cover the cover

Elasticity is an important standard Microsoft age, and most people care far less for the neck face, so it's easy to become age identification key.

Of course, such as Xiao Qing sister ... ... This section can be ignored.

Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old!

4. makeup + later, do you understand us is the opposite of lazy! Louis Vuitton (LV) Note 3 Case

Celebrity photos why is puberty? Because of their makeup, lighting, also by the late, has covered up many face disadvantage. So powerful Mito to fix or a compliment or makeup will help you do a noble and elegant beauty in how-old.NET boys/girls.

Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old!

So get downloading a few more retouching software, neither money nor beauty, 233~

Age play test games is good, Yo girlfriends don't tear forced.


Of the brain cavity (micro signal: woaiqiku) is a network of Lei feng's new column, concern is the brain hole opened technology products, technologies, people, events and ideas.

Teaches you how to forever in the Microsoft how-old.NET 18 years old!

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HTC One M9

Maybe HTC in the Android camp has typical of industrial design, coupled with the previous generation M8 public expectations have been raised too high, so at the press conference following the end of routine upgrades of the M9 and not so strong repercussions. Discussion on the M9, consumer channel is highly concentrated on the legendary "three-jaw" and "around the Israeli-Palestinian" "Wu Chin" ...

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