Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gowild brought an upgraded version of the hatsune

Gowild brought an upgraded version of the

In early 2016, Gowild released Prince xiaobai, not function like sweeping robot service-oriented products, but the main feeling social.

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In six months time, intelligent technology continued in the field of AI robots with Gowild, unveiled on July 8 at Beijing AI holographic 3D product Holoera, Holoera create a secondary fictional character "amber". Victorias Secret iPad Mini

Gowild CEO Qiu Nan introduction Holoera using nano-technology and Intel CPU, the shell is aluminum alloy with a polymer injection technology in space. It also has a built-in face recognition, human sensors, temperature identification and other identification systems. Holoera is connected to the Internet, using public cloud and private cloud data analysis.

Holoera via hologram shows the second element within the virtual character "amber", she has her own daily life, study and practice program, users can also specify their training for a specific project. She can interact with people and emotional companionship.

Gowild brought an upgraded version of the

"Amber" another anchor is similar to "hatsune" role. She will cooperate in Yu Quan release a personal album, performed a song at the press conference scene, and novel provides background stories. Gowild will open Holoera interface to game companies in the future.

Similar foreign-listed on the recent intensive emotional social robots, Japan SOFTBANK to launch the Pepper and the United States developed MIT scientist Cynthia Jibo, France launched the Blue Frog Buddy. Although rendering different forms, but they all want to be human "friend", became a member of the family in the future.

With two dimensional image rendering robot, almost qualified buyers. But "outside" and there is no standard provision on affective identification and accurate response, is the power of users. Victorias Secret iPad Mini Case

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