Saturday, August 13, 2016

Castration CM1 Panasonic DMC CM10 released

In 2014, the Panasonic has released a super DMC-CM1 photo smart phones, compared to ordinary cell phones, it's biggest bright spot is that using a 1-inch camera sensor size, adjust the aperture at the same time, this camera looks like a high-end card machine. Kenzo iPhone 5S Case

After 1 year, Panasonic has now introduced a real DMC-CM10 card machine, in terms of styling, CM10 is very similar to the predecessor CM1. Specifications, CM10 is a 1080P 4.7-inch screen, long 801 SoC, mycophenolate mofetil, 2G RAM, rear-mounted camera for 21 million pixels CMOS 1 inch in size, VENUS image processing engine, 28mm F/2.8 "Leica" lens. System Android 5.0. In configurations where it is really no great and CM1 applied the same SoC, and memory size, the screen is also 1080P, the camera's parameters are consistent.

CM10 is really just a removed phone CM1, configuration does not improve. Now Panasonic has not released CM10 time to market, and price.


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