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HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation

HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation

HDR everyone heard this word, and now many cell-phone camera has joined HDR mode, HDR has become synonymous with high quality. HDR is not just limited to photo, full name of High Dynamic Range of the HDR, high dynamic range, high dynamic range, more realistic color. Now that you understand this technique, you can understand what HDR can also apply to television.

When we use a device that supports HDR to make the content, also supports HDR Terminal is needed to restore the material, then TV can do about it, unable to restore the true color. HDR TV starts from here, from three aspects: brightness, contrast, color quality and color fidelity improved restore from a largely original material, so it formed the end-to-end high definition playback, from the development of industry HDR the popularity of television will be an inevitable trend.

Now it's our turn for the star Skyworth 65G8210 real HDR, Skyworth HDR at this 65-inch TV is the world's first volume production of the HDR TV, the TV says highest 1236 nits of brightness at a stunning, and has far more than standard color gamut, today let us look at how this HDR Skyworth TV genius.


Out of the box installation 

HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation

Although prepared for 65-inch size, but by the time we receive the Skyworth 65G8210 still was shocked by huge boxes. Skyworth for television are not damaged in transit, using a lot of foam material package of TV, packaging is very solid and sound.


HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation

Skyworth TV consists of two all-metal supporting frame, surface plating, suffused with subtle Golden Sheen, its color closer to champagne gold, although gold is not tacky.


HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation

Directly by two sturdy screws at the rear of the fuselage, the installation is simple and convenient.

HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation

Paste a layer of yellow tape on the border, border protection is not damaged during transport, after installation is complete, we will tear away the tape.


Appearance details

HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation

Opened after the protective tape, we can finally see the true. The TV after installing the stent size has reached 1455x318x893 mm, fuselage size 1455x83x841 mm, plus ultra narrow borders, Visual impact is enough. Ted Baker iPhone 6


HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation

The aircraft fuselage and supports the same for light champagne gold, and adopted a matte surface treatment for gold but no local gold kind of cheesy, it actually looks.


HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation

There are many rivets on the back fixed, the whole is still relatively strong, concentrated in the main circuit in the lower protruding parts, and speakers at the bottom of the back. Main part of the fuselage was full of openings, do not worry about overheating problems after prolonged use.


HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation HDR world different dimension true HDR TV G8210 experience evaluation

Various data interfaces and physical buttons located in the bottom right, and power connectors are located to the lower left.

The interface configuration is very rich, there are three HDMI interfaces (4K HDMI 2.0 support MHL), an RF connector, two USB interfaces (a USB3.0, USB2.0), SD card connector, network interface, AV input, CA interface, optical audio interfaces, Bourdon interfaces, audio output, AV output interface interfaces.


Entity keys hidden in the back, provides only basic features, daily use of the remote control as the main mode of operation.


Throw in accessories is very simple, only the power cord, remote control, such as manuals, warranty and installation instructions. Remote control shape feels good, and features easy to use, and integrated remote sensing mouse functionality, use more convenient.


Systems experience

This machine uses the cool open system 5.0, launch the interface less fresh.

Body CA integrated card slot, insert the cable card to watch broadcasting television programs.

Connect WiFi to be used.

In addition to account of Skyworth, a you can also use the QQ number landed.

Turned on by default for radio and television signals for the first time, we did not insert the CA card, so a snowflake. Of course, the cool system intelligent this interface is set to mute, no traditional snow TV no signal noise.

Cool open system 5.0 comparative simplicity of design thinking, all the operation very simple and easy to understand, start is not difficult, and they can quickly get started.

Sets the interface as simple and easy to understand, and users don't have to do too many sets you can use.

In addition to the default three picture modes, we can according to your own color preferences to set the screen parameters.

  Ted Baker note 3 covers

Unlike some manufacturers hidden Tuck, Skyworth TV parameters labeled in great detail, category, parameters of the screen the screen, processor, memory is more callouts. One of the biggest highlights for LG to provide 4-color 4K+ resolution screen, reach ± 178 ° viewing angle, LG announced that this limits the brightness of the screen up to 1236 nits, support true class HDR display. In addition, the screens also use Local Dimming technology, backlight costs for hundreds of independent regulation of every area of lighting than the conventional LCD screens with better black color, minimum brightness is close to OLED displays.


Movie resources is quite rich, Skyworth and Tencent film co, with huge amounts of film and video resource, not only domestically produced TV dramas, movies and so on, also provided by Tencent television show, NBA Live, partially synchronized with the theatrical release of the film, for our daily viewing is enough.


Screen test the highest brightness

We use a 9-point brightness tested and added two higher brightness measurement area.

Highest brightness appears in the middle of the screen on both sides of the position, the highest in more than 900 nits brightness, the center of the screen brightness to about 840 nits.

In our tests, the brightness of the screen to the left a very deep impression on us, its maximum brightness reached a staggering 970 nits, Center 840 nits brightness, apart from the four corners of the edge part of the brightness of more than 650 nits, relatively low brightness of the four corners, but the minimum 505 nits brightness. The screen quality is very good, most of the areas are more than 800 nits brightness, edge only slightly lower, but for such a large display panel, it has done very well.

HDR the standard one of the most important is screen average to reach more than 700 nits brightness, which really meet this target the brightness in the few televisions, many so-called HDR with HDR as a publicity stunt on the TV in the basic indicators of clay. Skyworth G8210 this reached a maximum brightness of the screen a staggering 970 nits, average brightness of at least 800 nits, far exceeding the standard HDR, was a true HDR TV, Skyworth official also named television special joins the "HDR" words, is full of good intentions.


Minimum brightness

We all know the weaknesses of the LCD screen is black dive deep enough, do not like OLED screen black not of pure performance. Skyworth in order to solve the problem of LCD screen black white and use Local Dimming technology, backlighting is divided into hundreds of separate areas, to control the backlight separately for each region, can make the display area of the black light, so alike in OLED screen effects.

Black background screen, almost no light.


Solid black background


Black and white remote


 Black and white proximal


In conditions of brightness 100%, we use a plain black picture and test of the picture black and white color. In a pure black background, which had almost no light levels, average less than 0.1 nits brightness. In the test of process color images in black and white, away from the white luminance only 0.2 nits, close to the edge of the White is only 0.5 nits brightness. In black's performance, Skyworth G8210 performance was quite unique, LCD screen can reach this depth is not easy.


Color field tests

In the color field tests, the display is excellent, Adobe RGB color gamut to 79%,sRGB the color field is 98%, in TV, this is a superior data, has reached its current level of Smartphone screen, TV has a better performance compared to most of the price.

Ted Baker iPhone 6


Brightness Gamma Test

In photometry, Skyworth G8210 has a very good performance in the Gamma curve, is very close to the standard 2.2, almost heavy match of appearance.


Delta e color reproduction accuracy test 

In the color-test, which Delta e scored an average of 3.44, excellent color, HDR-level TV worthy, its color accuracy is beyond the majority of computer monitors.


We look at the metrics of the Delta e, Skyworth G8210 scores are already near professional display.

Skyworth G8210 has a very good performance in the screen test, its color gamut, color and brightness performance was quite unique, its maximum brightness reached 970 nits, far higher than the HDR standard 700 nits, is very impressive. This original 4-color 4K display LG panels the overall quality is very good indeed, except for slightly higher color temperature, almost impeccable.



Skyworth G8210 really HDR version as industry first paragraph volume produced of HDR TV, its color saturated degrees performance compared good, in color aspects except color temperature slightly high zhiwai, almost no can picky, this block LG provides of screen can be described as work not didn't, in addition the screen in brightness Shang of performance far beyond has General of LCD/LED TV, in we of test in the, its highest brightness reached has amazing of 970 Nepal special, rare of is, the machine in has so high brightness of while, black of Xia dive still very outstanding And with the help of Local Dimming technology, black part to achieve lifelike OLED screen results, control points to Skyworth praise.

As few real in brightness Shang reached HDR standard of TV, Skyworth G8210 in brightness Shang of advantage can be described as ahead Yu other brand, but just brightness reached standard also is enough of, also need meet 4K HDR up to 10bit of decoding capacity only said have Shang "really HDR", for Skyworth and famous semiconductor manufacturing shangruiyu joint development has RTD2997H decoding chip, the chip equipped with has 4 nuclear 64bit CPU, can perfect processing 60P of 4K 10bit HEVC stream, decode is currently the television industry one of the most powerful chip. 4K screen and super-bright self-developed decoder chip, make up this true HDR outperformed standard "true HDR" TV.

Do for a domestic TV manufacturer, Skyworth leading international many well-known consumption appliances producers, first launched volume produced version of HDR TV, Skyworth in supply chain and independent innovation aspects of progress worth praised, not only first time got has LG provides of original 4 color 4K displayed Panel, also and Swiss Yu joint development has RTD2997H decoding chip, success solution has HDR level decoding problem, for HDR level TV of volume produced paved the has road. Skyworth became the first mass-produced HDR TV manufacturers, first to seize the HDR TV market, a move that also helped Skyworth in smart TVs in the future and gradually catch up with the world-class manufacturers.


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